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1993 Stories by Tom Austin

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  • Swelter 37

    published December 29, 1993

    Rat city, ugly little beasts growing fat and sleek in a tropical cornucopia, vermin functioning as the true parallel creatures to the human race,... More >>

  • Swelter 36

    published December 22, 1993

    Once more into the breach of Trashland USA, wallowing in the lurid and lewd, the frenzied countdown to the half-baked resolutions of the new year... More >>

  • Swelter 35

    published December 15, 1993

    Oh by gosh, by golly, it's Christmas time, the town that never stays home plunging headlong into a marathon of high-octane socializing. The... More >>

  • Swelter 34

    published December 8, 1993

    The Miami story, wired up and ready to roll, the city functioning on scatterbrained creative circuity. Ordinary life, as of late, coming to... More >>

  • Swelter 33

    published December 1, 1993

    White Party week, a crush of the noble and base, the pure and putrid, undercut by the frenzy of renown, from Prince to the luminaries of the gay... More >>

  • Swelter 32

    published November 24, 1993

    Settle back and relax, it's Prozac time. Life just doesn't get any weirder -- or much worse either -- than this. A dicey proposition of... More >>

  • Swelter 31

    published November 17, 1993

    Miami, a tumble through fortune and folly, the celebrated making random unscheduled cameo appearances, propping up a rapidly faltering production.... More >>

  • Swelter 30

    published November 10, 1993

    Show business, the new opiate of the masses, rife with ritualized pageantry and comforting recreational delusions, enveloping and pernicious as a... More >>

  • Swelter 29

    published November 3, 1993

    Halloween weekend, the national holiday for the nightlife industry, a surreal but profitable refraction of ordinary club existence, sort of like... More >>

  • Swelter 28

    published October 27, 1993

    The breaking filth beat, learning too much about people, most of it unpleasant. Lurk around enough crowded rooms, nod politely at appropriate... More >>

  • Swelter 27

    published October 20, 1993

    A surrealistic sojourn in the City of Angels, the American dreamscape, glittery and cruel as a mirage, an eerie augury of Miami's destiny. Mired... More >>

  • Swelter 26

    published October 13, 1993

    Once more into the breach, another onslaught of rigorous fun, another year of hope triumphing over experience. The season, a heady brew of... More >>

  • Swelter 25

    published October 6, 1993

    The party circuit, an ugly scramble for the hollow moment, the regulars rooting around like epicene little pigs, chasing after trifles and... More >>

  • Swelter 24

    published September 29, 1993

    Miami, another year of hype and hustle in the city of ambition, another rush to seize the moment in the town that glamour built. A tropical... More >>

  • Swelter 23

    published September 22, 1993

    Rosh Hashanah, a new year, a new beginning, a new attitude of unsettling contentment, gooey delight reigning in the house of nice. The first... More >>

  • Swelter

    published September 8, 1993

    September song, a seasonal dirge for a cruelly unyielding landscape, the brain a vicious jumble of frippery and unsavory associations, one vast... More >>

  • Swelter 20

    published September 1, 1993

    The dog days of the killing season, tempers fraying, minds unraveling, the dark reaches of the collective unconsciousness bubbling up to the... More >>

  • Swelter 19

    published August 25, 1993

    Life's a banquet and most poor suckers are starving, the fortunate and feckless alike craving something beyond their fair share of the available... More >>

  • Swelter 18

    published August 18, 1993

    Step right up and check it out, junk culture a go go, the side show that never ends. Girls in various stages of undress and whoredom, freaks up... More >>

  • Swelter 17

    published August 11, 1993

    The glitterati constellation, world without end, a black hole of hype and hustle, chance and destiny, ruled by the quantum theory of fabulousness.... More >>

  • Swelter

    published August 4, 1993

    The real life funnies, Miami assuming the dimensions of a comic strip, spiced up and dumbed down for the tropical market. Love & Rockets parodying... More >>

  • Swelter 15

    published July 28, 1993

    The world needs more love, not more gossip columnists. But then, rooting through the detritus of Western culture, all the gratuitous innuendo,... More >>

  • Swelter 14

    published July 21, 1993

    A return to real life after an all-too-brief vacation, slipping in and out of the immediate, pulled back into the dreamscape of memory. "Big Bad... More >>

  • Swelter 13

    published July 14, 1993

    Our summer vacation, a busman's holiday amidst the rich pageant of New York, taken up for the season by Patrick McMullan of Interview, mindful of... More >>

  • Swelter

    published June 30, 1993

    Memento mori, a dance to the music of time, the distinctions between past, present, and future blurring, the curious workings of memory and... More >>

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