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1996 Stories by Todd Anthony

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  • The Bard's Labors Lost

    published February 15, 1996

    That Shakespeare fellow is all the rage at the cineplex these days. But as more filmmakers translate the Bard's plays to the screen, the adaptions... More >>

  • The Young Girl and the Sea

    published February 8, 1996

    Heidi Mason will try to tell you she isn't a morning person. Don't believe her. The sun has yet to rise on a cold and rainy Saturday morning in... More >>

  • The Director's New Clothes

    published February 8, 1996

    Last year's Miami Film Festival introduced Iranian director Abbas Kiarostami to Miami audiences, and what an introduction it was. Kiarostami's... More >>

  • Justino the Ripper

    published February 8, 1996

    Justino opens with the unsentimental butchering of a bull that has just met its end in the ring. As hammers, axes, and long knives do their dirty... More >>

  • Festival Seating

    published February 1, 1996

    While each year the general public awaits the unveiling of a colorful poster heralding the arrival of the Miami Film Festival (February 2-11), I... More >>

  • Kenneth Anger Rises Again

    published February 1, 1996

    Profiles of Kenneth Anger often express surprise that the legendary avant-garde filmmaker and author of the Hollywood tell-all books Hollywood... More >>

  • Executioner's Song

    published January 25, 1996

    Dead Man Walking offers many surprises, but none more astonishing than the mere fact that writer-director Tim Robbins -- a man who has not been... More >>

  • This Is the Modern World

    published January 25, 1996

    You say you always wanted to go to film school but you couldn't afford the tuition? You panic when some pompous cineaste such as me expounds upon... More >>

  • Let's Get Lost

    published January 18, 1996

    What a deliriously twisted opening to a wondrous flight of fancy called The City of Lost Children: Like millions of other children around the... More >>

  • Stage Whispers

    published January 11, 1996

    Last year one husband-wife/director-star team -- Renny Harlin and Geena Davis -- ran off to Malta to make a movie with some 70 million dollars of... More >>

  • Philly Beefcake

    published January 11, 1996

    Finally, director Terry Gilliam (Brazil, The Fisher King) and screenwriters David Peoples (Blade Runner, Unforgiven) and Janet Peoples (The Day... More >>

  • Stone's Throw

    published January 4, 1996

    If you thought Anthony Hopkins made a convincing psychopath in Silence of the Lambs, just wait until you see Nixon. Hopkins doesn't so much... More >>

  • The Perils of Parillaud

    published January 4, 1996

    Frankie Starlight strives mightily (and succeeds intermittently) to couch itself in the warm, magical glow of a fairy tale. The story doesn't... More >>

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