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  • End of The Line

    published December 30, 1992

    Yes, still more local efforts cross our ears and end up with ink all over them. Thanks for your feedback. Thanks for the music. Thanks for a great... More >>

  • Party Crasher

    published December 23, 1992

    It felt like one of those magical nights, full of promise. As I headed along Dixie Highway toward the Beach, I popped in the Christmas cassette... More >>

  • Local Calls

    published December 9, 1992

    Keeping the lines open and dialing in area codes With the three previous installments of this feature (April, June, and September) we... More >>

  • Boltin' Bolton

    published December 2, 1992

    It's 1:30 p.m. on a typical weekday afternoon. The phone rings. I shove breakfast aside and pick up the receiver. "Hullo." "Hey,... More >>

  • Werewolf At Large

    published November 25, 1992

    A little more than a decade and a half ago, when Warren Zevon was the Excitable Boy, talking a great game, playing with guns, and out-drinking... More >>

  • A Fight At the Opera

    published November 18, 1992

    Seems like only yesterday the Goods were "the best live band in Miami." Blowing everybody away at Miami Rocks, tearing up Churchill's. "If only... More >>

  • The Man With The Blue Guitar

    published November 4, 1992

    They said, "You have a blue guitar, You do not play things as they are." The man replied, "Things as they are Are changed upon the blue... More >>

  • The Cutting Edge

    published October 28, 1992

    We've been playing telephone tag with Gen, lead singer and ringmistress of the Orlando-based, hard-core band-cum-traveling S&M shockfest known as... More >>

  • Memphis Blues Again

    published October 21, 1992

    "So many great things happened to us up there. I'm so sick of this whole thing," laments Ken "Snowman" Minahan, the guitar-playing half of the... More >>

  • Old New Dylan

    published October 14, 1992

    Was there ever a tag more damning in the history of rock than that of "new Dylan"? What songwriter in his or her right mind would want to... More >>

  • Doctors in the House

    published October 14, 1992

    "We're the last flight of the quill before the keyboard and the console take over," says Chris Barron, hyperkinetic mouthpiece for guitar-rock... More >>

  • A Pound of Fleck

    published October 14, 1992

    Sure, they've got the maestro, the five-string king, Mr. Banjo, out front. He gets most of the press, and rightly so. He has, after all, taken the... More >>

  • Square Deal

    published October 7, 1992

    Graham Parker once expressed sympathy for the people of Russia (before unbundling), whose government fed them so much misinformation, they thought... More >>

  • Loco For Local

    published September 16, 1992

    ROACH THOMPSON BLUES BAND Roach Thompson Blues Band (Hot Productions) BY GREG BAKER Only four of the eleven tracks are... More >>

  • Flying Fish

    published September 16, 1992

    "I got into this business to have fun, and I'm not having fun," pronounced Jorma Kaukonen twenty years ago, explaining his decision to bail out of... More >>

  • Hags to Riches

    published September 9, 1992

    The members of L7 have exactly one thing in common with the Bangles and the Go-Gos: they're women -- or rather, to filch a description from their... More >>

  • A Pregnant Cause

    published August 19, 1992

    Somehow I don't think the gentleman with the stocking over his head waving the .38 in my face as he herded my wife and me into the back of our... More >>

  • The Third Man

    published July 29, 1992

    No doubt the biggest challenge of Elvis Presley's remarkable career has been his recent effort to help Bill Clinton get elected president. Whose... More >>

  • June Bugs

    published June 24, 1992

    We're still up to our sweaty little ears in recorded music from around here, so cut on the a/c and find patience. If you're waiting for reviews of... More >>

  • Dean Men Make No Sales

    published May 27, 1992

    You've got to hand it to the Japanese. I can remember when their idea of special-effects wizardry was two guys in lizard costumes throwing each... More >>

  • Riot With a View

    published May 13, 1992

    When Bob Marley died in 1981 at the age of 36, he was mourned by the millions for whom he had been a musical and political messiah. Revolutionary... More >>

  • Welcome to the Terrors' Dome

    published April 29, 1992

    Nirvana's Kurt Cobain graces the cover of the April 16 issue of Rolling Stone, in his carefully frayed jeans and his way-cool shades and his... More >>

  • Please Mr. Postman

    published April 22, 1992

    The results of the latest incredibly scientific New Times poll are in. In case you were among the quarter of a billion or so U.S. citizens we... More >>

  • Home Grown

    published April 8, 1992

    All music is local to somewhere. Here at New Times Music Central, we've always believed, and tried to express, that music should be judged by its... More >>

  • Black Men Can't Swim

    published April 8, 1992

    It's Sunday night and I'm sitting at the bar in the Cactina trying to immerse myself in enough beer and conviviality to cleanse the pain of Ohio... More >>

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