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1991 Stories by Todd Anthony

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  • On the Booze

    published December 18, 1991

    The night began promisingly enough, as Baker and I miraculously found the proper exit off I-95 on our first attempt. With all the construction... More >>

  • On the Contrary

    published December 11, 1991

    Copernicus went out on a limb to demonstrate that the Earth was not the center of the universe. Galileo proved gravity does not discriminate based... More >>

  • And the Winner Is

    published December 4, 1991

    The lights are on over at Santa's Enchanted Rip-off and the malls are decked with boughs of holly (plastic, of course). Kathy Willets has a... More >>

  • An Open Letter to the Mavericks

    published October 16, 1991

    Well, you made it. Bigshot MCA recording artists. Congratulations are unquestionably in order. Couldn't have happened to a nicer bunch. I... More >>

  • Songs in the Key of Blue

    published October 2, 1991

    Imagine there were a scale for calibrating shades of blue (the state of mind, not the color). Losing your woman (or man, the blues being an equal... More >>

  • The Manson Murders

    published September 4, 1991

    You have to figure that any band with a song titled "Cake and Sodomy" is not likely to be populated with shrinking violets. Marilyn Manson... More >>

  • The Blast: Rock and Rollo's

    published August 28, 1991

    Something is horribly amiss. The floor is dry and sparkling clean. The urinals are attached firmly to the wall, which is noticeably void of gaping... More >>

  • What Do Hell's All Dat Pounding?

    published August 14, 1991

    With the imminent release of the 2 Live Crew's Sports Weekend and the controversy it no doubt will ignite, it's only fitting that the men who put... More >>

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