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  • 15 years ago | Reviews

    Under his best-known moniker Plastikman, Richie Hawtin produced influential albums like Sheet One, Musik, and Consumed in the Nineties that explored the darker, minimal elements of techno. Thus, it's no surprise that Closer, his first new Plastikm...

  • 15 years ago | Reviews

    When Prefuse 73 released his full-length debut Vocal Studies and Uprock Narratives two years ago, there was initially little hype or buzz surrounding the album. But within months Vocal Studies was hailed by many as a groundbreaking album that effe...

  • 16 years ago | Reviews

    Who the hell is this tramp, Miss Kittin? Just a few short months ago, nobody but snobby music journalists and in-the-know hipster DJs had ever heard of this sardonic Frenchie. But now she's, like, everywhere -- featured prominently on Felix Da Hou...

  • 16 years ago | Reviews

    All you Kruder & Dorfmeister fiends, take heed: Some new shit has arrived from those illustrious Austrians. But don't get too worked up -- this isn't exactly new new. Each album is a remix of the 1999 album Suzuki by Tosca, a duo made up of Richar...

  • 17 years ago | Columns

    Techno Beat Aphex Twin: Drukqs (Warp/Sire). Richard James is one strange fellow. The British producer does his damnedest to scare away potential listeners, but he still manages to command a sizable audience that hangs on every menacing metallic sy...


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