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  • The Jockey Club's Wild Ride

    published December 11, 1997

    Walter Troutman's two-story penthouse atop the original Jockey Club high-rise, which he designed specifically for himself when he built the place... More >>

  • With Kidnappers Like These, Who Needs Social Workers?

    published November 27, 1997

    James and Emma Somerset say they were just trying to help their son and his girlfriend escape the dangers of Liberty City and begin a new life in... More >>

  • When the Flak Flies, the Flack Flees

    published November 20, 1997

    Three weeks after withdrawing his name from consideration for the job of Miami Beach Police Department public information officer, Jack Sullivan... More >>

  • Elector Set

    published October 30, 1997

    The savvy politicos' approach to next Tuesday's Miami Beach elections has been relatively simple: Position yourself as a staunch advocate of... More >>

  • Screen Queen

    published September 18, 1997

    While being driven up U.S. 1 through Coconut Grove on her way to the Alliance Film and Video Co-op in Miami Beach, filmmaker Doris Wishman muses... More >>

  • The Beat Goes Off

    published September 18, 1997

    Sucked into a narrow aisle at the Midem Latin American and Caribbean Music Market, among the glad-handing industry types and overlapping rhythms... More >>

  • Two Faces of Islam

    published September 4, 1997

    In his autobiography, Malcolm X describes what he calls "fishing" expeditions: Nation of Islam members trying to recruit new adherents. ... More >>

  • Get Your Foreign Butts Out of Our Convenience Stores!

    published September 4, 1997

    The calls keep coming in to the Dade County offices of the state Division of Alcoholic Beverages and Tobacco. Those funny-looking packs of... More >>

  • The Strange Bedfellows of Miami Beach

    published August 21, 1997

    It's still early in David Dermer's campaign for the Miami Beach City Commission. Plenty of flesh still to be pressed, luncheons to be attended,... More >>

  • The Body Politic Hits the Beach

    published August 14, 1997

    Hispanics make up some 50 percent of the population of Miami Beach. They currently make up zero percent of the city commission. But not for... More >>

  • Reefer Science

    published August 7, 1997

    Do you love pot? Do you really love pot? Do you love pot so much that you think you just can't get through the day without a joint or five or six?... More >>

  • Round Two

    published July 10, 1997

    Ambrose Sims had a bad experience at Beach Towing a couple of years back. In December of 1995, the seventeen-year veteran Miami Beach cop got into... More >>

  • Twilight of the Tweaks

    published June 26, 1997

    There's a devil in Eddy Mir's speakers. Well, maybe not in them. Perhaps it's underneath, slithering around in the wafer-thin gap between the... More >>

  • A New Kind of Old Heave-Ho

    published June 26, 1997

    Despite the Clinton administration's policy of "don't ask, don't tell," which has been in effect since 1994, the actual rules governing the... More >>

  • Pulp Friction

    published June 5, 1997

    Forget the Miami Herald's efforts to whip the Sun-Sentinel on its own turf. That contest involves banal considerations such as market share,... More >>

  • The Hale-Bopp Amendment

    published May 29, 1997

    When Miami Beach voters go to the polls on June 3, their heads will be ringing with numbers their public officials have been shouting at them like... More >>

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