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1991 Stories by Suzan Colon

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  • Lucy in the Sky

    published November 20, 1991

    Dr. Frankenstein had a decent idea, at least in theory: Take the best pieces of dead bodies, sew them together, and you've made the perfect man.... More >>

  • Corrosive Substance

    published November 6, 1991

    In the 1950 classic All About Eve, a black-and-white tale of back stabbing and bitchery set in Manhattan's theater district, jaded critic Addison... More >>

  • Picture This

    published October 23, 1991

    Maybe I've got a case of arrested development, but I seem to like a lot of the same things as most teen-agers today. I faithfully watch Beverly... More >>

  • There's a Methadone to Their Madness

    published August 28, 1991

    What is the distinction that makes some mashed animal organs pate de foie gras and others mere liverwurst? Was Robert Mapplethorpe a fine artist... More >>

  • Name That Tomb

    published August 7, 1991

    Nice girls don't listen to death metal. Not one of my friends listens to it. Music for deviants by deviants, I thought. The last stop before your... More >>

Archives: 1992 | 1991