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1991 Stories by Sue Mullin

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  • Out With the Old ...

    published December 25, 1991

    It seems impossible that another year has passed, but by next week 1991 will be as dead as many a Miami restaurant trend (not to mention many a... More >>

  • The Morel Things Change

    published December 18, 1991

    In 1990 we saw the fall of the Berlin Wall. In 1991 we're bidding farewell to the Soviet Union. In the midst of an era of great change, it seems... More >>

  • Wok This Way

    published December 11, 1991

    The bad news in the Grove is that B.C. Chong moved to Miami Beach earlier this year. The good news is that Susie Cheng's, the restaurant's... More >>

  • Style and Substance

    published December 4, 1991

    Barocco is the style of art and architecture typified by scrolls, curves, and other elaborate ornamentation. In English, we call it baroque,... More >>

  • Open with a Pair

    published November 27, 1991

    With Thanksgiving Day - and all the eating that it entails - looming large, the last thing my dining consort and I wanted was a huge meal. So we... More >>

  • Mambo Kings

    published November 20, 1991

    There are a lot of restaurants with unusual names in Miami, Tu Tu Tango, Momotombo, and MamboJambo, the newest addition to Coral Gables's... More >>

  • Picture Perfect

    published November 13, 1991

    Don't look for Jackie Kennedy or other publicity-shy types at a place named for free-lance photographers. But you will almost always find a... More >>

  • Love is Shell

    published November 6, 1991

    On a recent trip to The Old Cutler Oyster Co. & Raw Bar in South Miami, my dining (and driving) companion and I took a wrong turn and wound up on... More >>

  • No Dane, No Gain

    published October 30, 1991

    You can never be too rich or too thin or spend too much of your money on pricey (but pretty) morsels at chichi Miami restaurants, right? ... More >>

  • Belle of the Ball

    published October 23, 1991

    Aficionados of Laurenzo's Italian food-and-wine emporium in North Miami Beach have long clamored for a sit-down restaurant, and after a number of... More >>

  • Let It Reign

    published October 16, 1991

    Despite recent changes and additions to my home (i.e., a lake where the front yard used to be), I was feeling decidedly housebound during last... More >>

  • Beach Party

    published October 9, 1991

    In South Beach, where restaurants come and go nearly as often as the tides, earning consideration as one of the best local eateries is no mean... More >>

  • Med-Iocre

    published October 2, 1991

    Last year while CocoWalk was still in the construction stages, I wandered around the rubble shaking my head. The three-tier, open-air, Disneyesque... More >>

  • Variety Show

    published September 25, 1991

    At 11:00 on a recent Saturday night, the long, broad stretch of Lincoln Road Mall looked more like a ghost town than a commercial neighborhood... More >>

  • Bleak House

    published September 18, 1991

    In Miami, the word pub - like the word bistro - does not necessarily connote good cheap eats or a working-class atmosphere. English Pub, which... More >>

  • The Raw and the Cooked

    published September 11, 1991

    If you ascribe to the bigger-is-better school, the underwhelming size of Tani Guchi's Place might deter you. It shouldn't. What it lacks in space,... More >>

  • Euro Place or Mine

    published September 4, 1991

    La Terrasse may not be everyone's cup of cafe au lait - the place is very European (or at least the SoBe version of a hip continental hangout) -... More >>

  • That's Amore

    published August 28, 1991

    The secret to success in the Italian-restaurant business here has little to do with designer food. Forget miniravioli stuffed with shitake... More >>

  • Something Fishy

    published August 21, 1991

    After nearly a year in operation, everything at the Fishbone Grille should be going swimmingly. But while some of the restaurant's offerings are... More >>

  • Rome If You Want To

    published August 14, 1991

    Many restaurants don't survive Miami's off-season, but judging from the number of new kids on the block (especially the South Beach block), this... More >>

  • Surfin' Safari

    published August 7, 1991

    Hunt no more for a wild restaurant in this otherwise tame town. Now find caribou, alligator, venison, pheasant, rabbit, and elk without going even... More >>

Archives: 1992 | 1991