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1992 Stories by Sue Mullin

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  • Chic and Ye Shall Find

    published June 17, 1992

    Probably the first thing that comes to mind when you hear "cassis" is black currant, which is what the word means in French. Or perhaps the term... More >>

  • The Seven Deadly Fins

    published June 10, 1992

    Oddly enough, good Cajun restaurants have been few and far between in Miami. Say maque choux to someone here, and they think you're cursing them... More >>

  • Gallic Symbol

    published June 3, 1992

    During a recent appearance on David Letterman, Vancouver native Michael J. Fox mentioned that he, his wife Tracy Pollan, and their young son loved... More >>

  • Three Little Pigs

    published May 27, 1992

    You don't necessarily have to hail from the Deep South, Texas, or the far western perimeters of the Midwest to have stronger opinions about... More >>

  • Attack of the Killer Tomatoes

    published May 20, 1992

    Who could pass up a restaurant that last year ran away with Best Restaurant with a Chef Named Vinnie honors in New Times, and this year was named... More >>

  • Rodeo De Janeiro

    published May 13, 1992

    South American cuisine is taking Miami by storm - or perhaps I should say sword. The latest in this exciting turn of culinary events is a... More >>

  • Bewdie and the Feast

    published May 6, 1992

    Let me say right up front that the Outback Steakhouse is terrific. Or perhaps I should say "bewdie," which is Aussie-speak for great, according to... More >>

  • Fruit of the Loin

    published April 29, 1992

    If you haven't explored Cuban dining recently, you're in for some surprises. The fare offered in many of the newer restaurants goes well beyond... More >>

  • Sobe It

    published April 22, 1992

    Next door to the refurbished Century Hotel on the 100 block of Ocean Drive, the Century is giving folks a reason to stray from South Beach's... More >>

  • Filling Me Softly

    published April 15, 1992

    Not since the short-lived but intriguing Clowns has an area restaurant so wholeheartedly followed its own muse. While the cuisine at the defunct... More >>

  • Chau Down

    published April 8, 1992

    Even in Miami, restaurants don't come much funkier than Kon Chau. Looking very back-lot Warner Brothers, a big, square room covered in... More >>

  • Grouper Therapy

    published April 1, 1992

    Time was when the name of a restaurant gave you a pretty good idea of what sort of fare it offered. When I was a kid you didn't go to the Burger... More >>

  • Colombian Gold

    published March 18, 1992

    When a journalist friend returned to the United States recently after spending a few years in Berlin, my dining companion and I were sure she'd be... More >>

  • See Ya Waiter

    published March 11, 1992

    Tony Chan's Water Club is no choose-one-from column A, choose-one-from-column-B Chinese restaurant. Nearly 200 dishes are offered in the... More >>

  • Penne Envy

    published March 4, 1992

    Don't bother telling anyone in Miami that Italian food is passe. When Miamians want to eat healthy and light, they think pasta - the new "health"... More >>

  • Pasta Luego

    published February 26, 1992

    You know the place: Low-pile carpeting, travel-poster art, fake flowers on the tables, menus with a few misspellings, banquettes in only slightly... More >>

  • Banana Republic

    published February 19, 1992

    No sooner did I master such words as fufu, the Cuban dish of mashed plantains mixed with pork rind, than I was confronted with mangu, its... More >>

  • Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Mex

    published February 12, 1992

    Just when I thought it was not in the cards for an upscale Mexican restaurant in Miami, I discovered one with food so good I almost leaped from my... More >>

  • Tandoor is the Night

    published February 5, 1992

    Rome wasn't built in a day, but Miami's reputation for outstanding Indian cuisine seems to have developed overnight. The apparent meteoric rise is... More >>

  • Raw and Order

    published January 29, 1992

    One of the quietest explosions to hit Miami in the past two years has been the proliferation of Japanese restaurants. Suddenly a scene that... More >>

  • No Spice? Not Nice

    published January 22, 1992

    Coral Gables has always been the place to go when you can't quite decide what it is you're craving. In the City Beautiful you will find French,... More >>

  • Dining Aria

    published January 15, 1992

    I hadn't thought about Anna Maria Alberghetti in years. It's been that long since the petite Italian woman would appear on the tube, sprinkle a... More >>

  • Forging Ahead

    published January 8, 1992

    This past July, one of Miami Beach's landmark restaurants, the Forge, spewed more smoke and soot than in the Roaring Twenties, when the site was... More >>

  • It's Better in the Bahama's

    published January 1, 1992

    If one of your New Year's resolutions is to eat less red meat, you're probably already planning to explore more seafood restaurants. If another of... More >>

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