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  • A Shot in the Dark

    published December 18, 2003

    WEB EXTRA DOCUMENTS AT END OF STORY Mario Barcia turned the television set off just after the Marlins won game five of the World... More >>

  • Heavy Traffic

    published December 11, 2003

    Joaquin Perez steps gingerly from an SUV onto a red dirt soccer pitch. A dozen shacks surround the field. Behind a makeshift goal a man and a... More >>

  • FTAA: Survival Guides

    published November 13, 2003

    Miami is known for its combustible mix of people from all points on the sociopolitical spectrum. At Home Depot the wealthy former somocista... More >>

  • All Around the Neighborhood

    published November 13, 2003

    Andean Region On the great-grandfather clock of time, 500 years is about a second. And in that second, European mestizos have... More >>

  • Media Bonus!

    published November 13, 2003

    It's been a hectic couple of months for business reporters. First Cancun in September and now Miami in November. Covering the WTO meeting in... More >>

  • Can't Fight a War Without Money

    published November 6, 2003

    The U.S. war on drugs is like a merry-go-round. There's a lot to look at: newspaper accounts of crackdowns on traffickers from Russia, Colombia,... More >>

  • A Magazine for Not Stupid Men

    published October 23, 2003

    Loft, the Latin-flavored glossy magazine that features a bubblicious babe on its cover each month and is distributed at restaurants,... More >>

  • Free as a Jailbird in Havana

    published October 9, 2003

    In the grand scheme of things, it could be worse. Mario Mora Medina could still be in a dank jail cell in St. Martin Parish, Louisiana, stranded... More >>

  • Sandwich and a Hooker

    published August 14, 2003

    It all begins with a touch on the forearm -- two fingers gently reminding me that I'm not alone tonight. Electricity shoots up my spine. She is a... More >>

  • The Double-Helix Dichotomy

    published July 24, 2003

    Last year, while he was deputy commander of investigations at the Miami Police Department, Capt. David Rivera sent a memo to then-Chief Raul... More >>

  • Ecological Politics

    published June 5, 2003

    1. On Saturday morning, December 1, 2001, Larry Brand parked his black Nissan pickup in the lot at the University of Miami's Rosenstiel... More >>

  • Beneath the Pink Underwear

    published June 5, 2003

    If you didn't know better, you'd have thought the news had it covered. It was April 23, and red dye was streaming through faucets and showerheads... More >>

  • Return of Three Mile Island?

    published May 22, 2003

    Perhaps the most memorable scene of the 1979 classic The China Syndrome is when the A-team of scientists at the fictitious nuclear power... More >>

  • One Man, One Vote, One Problem

    published April 10, 2003

    After years of legal wrangling, incorporation is hitting its stride again. Miami Lakes, Palmetto Bay, Doral, and Miami Gardens are the latest... More >>

  • The Rain Game

    published March 20, 2003

    His face tells the story, one that many here in Miami know by heart. Marcos Fernandez's expression is a combination of disappointment and dismay,... More >>

  • How to Organize a Peace Protest in Little Havana

    published February 27, 2003

    Maybe it's his youthful exuberance. Maybe it's his sharp, lawyerly style, or his devilish good looks. Maybe it's his naiveté, which seeps... More >>

  • A-Hunting They Will Go

    published February 20, 2003

    Just when you thought airports couldn't get any more dangerous -- all the metal detectors breached, all the surveillance cameras broken, suitcases... More >>

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