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1994 Stories by Steven Almond

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  • Old War, New Battle

    published December 22, 1994

    In 1814 Andrew Jackson -- a freshly minted general on his way to an undistinguished presidency -- chased the Seminole Indians into Florida. For... More >>

  • Type O Personalities

    published October 27, 1994

    Spatter: The process of the forceful projection of blood. Had this been a convention of insurance salesmen, or podiatrists, or even... More >>

  • From Animal House to Bleak House

    published September 28, 1994

    At age nineteen, Noah Tepperberg is a nightclub promoter in his native Manhattan, a student at the University of Miami, and a consummate salesman,... More >>

  • A Private Man

    published September 21, 1994

    Wade Harris used to join Joe Kostick and Bob Derosiers for dinner on most weeknights. The pair did yard work for him and lived a block away on a... More >>

  • The One That Didn't Get Away

    published September 14, 1994

    Most of the dozen defendants sitting in county courtroom 2-1 this past Friday had cause to celebrate. Though they had been cited by Miami Beach... More >>

  • Hot Under the Collar

    published September 7, 1994

    You'd never know it by looking at him, but Joseph Weinstock is not a well man. At age 73, he suffers from chronic pancreatitis, coronary... More >>

  • Psssst! Wanna Be a Judge?

    published August 31, 1994

    While the vast majority of judges and lawyers view judicial elections as an abomination, there are others among us who may look upon the biennial... More >>

  • Odor in the Court

    published August 31, 1994

    You don't have to be a legal scholar to pass judgment on our judiciary. You don't even have to be especially alert. In the past four years alone,... More >>

  • No Love Lost

    published July 26, 1994

    About 100 residents of the James E. Scott Homes gathered last Monday in an auditorium near the Liberty City housing project to discuss how they... More >>

  • The Surfies

    published July 20, 1994

    A few years ago a small North Carolina cable company launched a bold experiment in television. For the first time in broadcast history, viewers... More >>

  • Now You're Talking Security!

    published July 20, 1994

    Art Teele wanted agenda item 6(A)9 dispensed with, and quickly. While his colleagues on the Dade County Commission shuffled through papers at... More >>

  • A Wayne-Win Situation

    published July 13, 1994

    For more than a year basketball fans have fretted over whether the Miami Heat will remain downtown when their lease with the Miami Arena expires... More >>

  • Independent Muddy

    published June 29, 1994

    Nick Carter, a visiting lecturer at Florida International University, extended an unusual invitation this past semester. "Spend the Summer in the... More >>

  • Blamer vs. Kramer

    published June 22, 1994

    Marie-Antoinette, a very rich French queen who owned many buildings in Paris, is said to have expressed her contempt for the poor by exclaiming,... More >>

  • They're Gonna Live Forever

    published June 8, 1994

    In the current climate of mounting rancor about the cost of health care, radio-show host Bill Faloon broadcasts a tempting message. "Ladies and... More >>

  • Mosaic of a Murder

    published June 1, 1994

    At 4:30 p.m. on Friday, April 22, the jury empaneled in the case of State of Florida v. Raul Rodriguez returned a verdict. It was nothing like in... More >>

  • Cash In, Check Out

    published May 18, 1994

    A few short years ago Steve Simon was fretting over the sudden expansion of his new business venture. The Miami Beach entrepreneur had just... More >>

  • Wrong and Wrong in the Morning

    published May 4, 1994

    As hosts of a hugely popular radio talk show, Ron Diaz and Ron Bennington spend most mornings trying to be funny. Which to them tends to mean... More >>

  • Why Can't We All Just Get Along?

    published May 4, 1994

    To passersby, it might have looked like just another traffic altercation, the sort of roadside scuffling that has made Miami a famously dangerous... More >>

  • Following Suits

    published April 20, 1994

    You might think a lawyer facing a federal fraud investigation and possible disbarment would keep a low profile. Not James Dougherty. Employing the... More >>

  • Winning Wasn't Everything

    published April 20, 1994

    The senator spoke, as befits a Democrat from Massachusetts, with the moral indignation of a Kennedy. "Today is really a case study in the way a... More >>

  • Ride the Rails, Pay the Price

    published April 20, 1994

    To private security companies, the county contract for guard service along Metrorail and the Metromover reads like a dream. The five-year deal... More >>

  • A House Divided

    published March 2, 1994

    Two years ago on the day after Easter, Anne Lanzetta, once the mother of six children, now the mother of none, decided to end her life. She was... More >>

  • Follow the Bouncing Ball

    published March 2, 1994

    The image everybody saw -- the one everybody was supposed to see - was this: Lewis Schaffel standing before a pack of reporters on the last... More >>

  • The Case from Hell (and Back)

    published February 9, 1994

    Comprising more than four years of legal brawling, the Nogues case can stake undisputed claim as the most tortured child-abuse battle in Dade... More >>

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