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1993 Stories by Steven Almond

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  • Flunk Music

    published December 22, 1993

    Back in 1984 the state legislature's Criminal Justice Committee drafted a bill calling for all Florida law-enforcement trainees to pass a... More >>

  • A Fan's Notes

    published December 15, 1993

    I am pathological about the Golden State Warriors. For those who don't know, the Warriors are the NBA franchise that plays in Oakland. They... More >>

  • Who's Abusing Who?

    published December 15, 1993

    Life in prison has not been easy for Frank Fuster, the Cuban immigrant convicted of sexually abusing at least eight children at a day-care center... More >>

  • Auto Erratic

    published December 1, 1993

    Why would the Dade County Commission approve a two-million-dollar contract for undercover cop cars that: A) actually caused police to... More >>

  • One Angry Man

    published December 1, 1993

    As anyone who works there knows, the Juvenile Justice Center is a locale in dire need of distractions. Morale at the cozy complex of courtrooms on... More >>

  • Miami Splice

    published November 17, 1993

    "Everything goes on in this world, until you get caught." -- Marty Abrams It didn't matter that Marty Abrams was the smart one.... More >>

  • The Case from Hell: Part 7

    published November 10, 1993

    On July 23, after nearly four years of legal wrangling, the family of Drs. Lisette and Andres Nogues was finally reunited. In September 1989... More >>

  • Miami's Favorite Cover Girl

    published November 3, 1993

    Miami commissioner Miriam Alonso has suffered some recent setbacks in her bid to become the city's first female mayor. Considered a strong... More >>

  • Tricky Bricked It

    published November 3, 1993

    No use lying about it, the game was ugly, a final blemish on the frowning face of the Miami Heat's 1992-93 season. The Knicks were in town, the... More >>

  • They Fought the Law and Guess Who Won

    published October 13, 1993

    A few months back, during one of his regular Wednesday night jazz jams at Tobacco Road, flautist Mark Krumich was approached by a tense man... More >>

  • By Appointment Only

    published October 6, 1993

    A Prelude Nineteen floors above the gum-stained sidewalks of downtown Miami, in a private room within the First Union Financial... More >>

  • Alonso: The Cadillac and the Threats

    published October 6, 1993

    With the City of Miami's mayoral election less than a month away, the Miriam Alonso campaign has shifted into high gear. And no one can deny that... More >>

  • Geraldo, Bloody, Geraldo!

    published September 29, 1993

    In the three frantic weeks since German tourist Uwe-Wilhelm Rakebrand was gunned down on the Dolphin Expressway, America's finest pack journalists... More >>

  • Meet Miami's Next Mayor

    published September 15, 1993

    Part 2: Miriam Alonso knows how to put votes together, but she can't seem to separate dirty tricks from politics By Steven Almond ... More >>

  • Everything Must Go

    published September 15, 1993

    In these last weeks, they all come to pay their respects to Mom: J.J. the Boxer, Tomato Man, Sapphire. If Alan the Crazy Towel Vendor... More >>

  • Meet Miami's Next Mayor

    published September 8, 1993

    On those days when passions flare, when Miami cannot help revealing its more ominous shadings, half the city seems determined to have Miriam... More >>

  • Tinkers to Evers to...Downs?

    published September 8, 1993

    If all goes as planned, the scene should unfold something like this: December 1995. A conference room in New York's Plaza Hotel. The... More >>

  • Lee Press-Ons -- Eat Your Heart Out!

    published August 25, 1993

    At first people just stare. Then come the whispers. Then, invariably, they ask Gemma Stafford the question: "Are those real?" What they mean is:... More >>

  • Rubber Match

    published August 11, 1993

    GUNS! UZIS! AMMO! South Florida's largest selection of assault systems." "CENTERFOLD MODELS! Available 24 hours for personal escort... More >>

  • What's Trim and Tanned and Hands Out Free Legal Advice?

    published July 28, 1993

    Teetering on her high heels, Kathy Schafer has come to have a great problem solved by an even greater man. A silver lame handbag slung over her... More >>

  • Smells Like Team Spirit

    published July 21, 1993

    Expansion team. What expansion team? That's what the Florida Marlins had most of baseball thinking during the first half of the season.... More >>

  • The Case from Hell Part 6

    published July 7, 1993

    The moment of truth had arrived, and attorney Karen Gievers was losing her grip. Her voice was cracking. Her eyes kept misting over. Much to the... More >>

  • Politics and Prosecutors

    published July 7, 1993

    For Roberto Martinez the news was too good to be true. This past March a reporter from the Miami Herald called his office to inform him that... More >>

  • Welcome to Indian Creek Village: Part 3

    published June 23, 1993

    When last we left the genteel citizens of Indian Creek Village, the hue and cry over the burg's twelve-man police department had nearly... More >>

  • How They Nabbed the Nickel Bag Felon

    published June 16, 1993

    They say the big house ages a man. Something about the empty hours, the bare cells, the crush of conscience, gnaws at the very fabric of... More >>

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