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1992 Stories by Steven Almond

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  • Brother, Can You Spare A Marlboro?

    published December 30, 1992

    In a matchup the sportswriters are calling the Super Bowl of College Football, the University of Miami Hurricanes, ranked number one in the... More >>

  • Letter? What Letter?

    published December 23, 1992

    Considering the circumspect tenor of his campaign, Bill Clinton's first major policy decision ranked as a doozy. Just one week after his triumph... More >>

  • To Catch a Cop: Part 2

    published December 23, 1992

    When Dennis Whitt returned to Opa-locka from Tampa on December 11, he wore the broad smile of a vindicated man. The reason: barring a minor... More >>

  • HIV In the First Degree

    published December 9, 1992

    Given the lurid particulars, it's not surprising that no one wants to talk about the charges filed against Ignacio A. Perea, Jr. The son of a... More >>

  • Here A Max, There A Max

    published November 18, 1992

    Annette Beauplan picked up the phone, and for a few seconds she lost her bearings. She knew the voice on the line was her brother, Maxau Pierre.... More >>

  • The Last Voyage of the Mighty Viking

    published November 11, 1992

    In the clubs and restaurants of Miami's Jamaican community, they still tell stories about the Mighty Viking. Stories, mostly, about his... More >>

  • If You Don't Have A Visa, Stay Out of the Kitchen

    published October 28, 1992

    From the outset, this was not a routine Immigration and Naturalization Service raid. For one thing, the timing was all wrong. The three INS agents... More >>

  • The Hits Just Keep on Coming

    published October 14, 1992

    About this there can be no argument: hours after his May 1 run-in with two of Miami Beach's finest, Roger Zayas wound up with one doozy of a... More >>

  • Jails R Us

    published September 16, 1992

    On July 20, State Attorney Janet Reno sent a four-page letter to circuit court Chief Judge Leonard Rivkind proposing the formation of a new... More >>

  • Keep Off The Park, Part 2

    published September 9, 1992

    Hurricane Andrew's assault on Dade left the county's nature lovers with a monumental grievance to lay at the feet of Mother Nature, in the form of... More >>

  • Oats From The Underground

    published September 9, 1992

    In their more candid moments, they refer to themselves as "the underground" -- always in hushed tones, and often with the trace of paranoia that... More >>

  • I Have Defaulted...And I Can't Get Up

    published August 26, 1992

    Traffic signage, in case you hadn't noticed, tends toward the functional: Stop. Merge. Yield. The strictures of rush-hour attention spans, not to... More >>

  • A Kindler, Gentler Miami Beach Police Department

    published August 19, 1992

    Since his arrival in May 1990, Miami Beach Police Chief Phillip Huber has taken a number of steps to erase public perception that his department... More >>

  • Born to Be Defiled

    published August 5, 1992

    "Every cabbage," Frenchman Jean Giraudoux once wrote, "has its pimp." Given the absurd mutterings Giraudoux inflicted upon his characters, the... More >>

  • Assault With Intent to Cause Baldness

    published July 29, 1992

    Dorothy Richardson has never thought much of police officers. "Got no use for them," snaps the 60-year-old retiree, whose night table is stacked... More >>

  • Keep Off the Park

    published July 15, 1992

    Harvey Ruvin didn't think it was going to be any big deal. When the veteran county commissioner met with attorney/activist Dan Paul months... More >>

  • The Other Coup

    published June 24, 1992

    In its own paradoxical fashion, the Haitian Refugee Center's lawsuit against Secretary of State James Baker was a coup. A media coup. The court... More >>

  • All the Ooze That's Fit to Print

    published June 10, 1992

    At a time in history when South Florida's mainstream media have devoted unprecedented resources to brainless babies and crackhouse testimonials,... More >>

  • Calm, Cool, and Collecting

    published May 27, 1992

    The script would have sent the folks from Cops into spasms of voyeuristic glee. On September 21, 1989, a lone gunman invaded a quiet patch of... More >>

  • Georgia on His Mind

    published May 20, 1992

    In five months as a criminal court judge in Dade County, Henry Ferro has come to expect days filled with mayhem. His overcrowded docket reads like... More >>

  • A Heartworming Story

    published April 15, 1992

    With two fox terriers already yapping away at home, Gisela McClelland wasn't looking to adopt a third when she visited Dade County Animal Services... More >>

  • Heard the One About Perry Mason Trying to Scalp Heat Tickets?

    published April 15, 1992

    To those milling in front of the Miami Arena an hour before game time on March 18, Steven Friedman's pitch sounded too good to be true. The... More >>

  • Basil Wainwright

    published April 1, 1992

    Basil Earle Wainwright slumps forward, stubby fingers pressed at the temples, head drooped to reveal strands of hair combed across bare scalp. A... More >>

  • Basil's Greatest Hits

    published April 1, 1992

    With all the disinformation swirling about his good name, Basil Wainwright often found it helpful to provide acquaintances, and potential backers,... More >>

  • Ozone's Second Fiddler

    published April 1, 1992

    Martin Van Wyngen had his doubts about Lucas Boeve from the start. A mild-mannered translator from Ottawa, Van Wyngen was lured down to Boeve's... More >>

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