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1991 Stories by Steven Almond

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  • Biscayne National Dump

    published December 18, 1991

    For months officials at Biscayne National Park have been fretting over the proposed expansion of the South Dade Landfill, a squeezed-to-capacity... More >>

  • Mojitos

    published December 11, 1991

    "When I come over from Cuba, people see my bags, sure, but they don't see what I keep up here," whispers Jose Galvez, tapping a pate dusted with... More >>

  • Got Their Mojo Working

    published December 11, 1991

    It would be a ruse, though a convenient one, to claim that the mojitos served in various Miami restaurants vary in earth-shattering degrees. They... More >>

  • Pee-Hee-Hee

    published December 11, 1991

    Erny Fannotto's resume is, by his own account, a testament to small-fry fame. For 39 years Fannotto was one of New Jersey's premier golf pros.... More >>

  • Barricade Feature

    published November 27, 1991

    If Barbara North Burton could keep time in a bottle, the evening of March 11, 1989, would rank right up there with Dom Perignon. On that gorgeous... More >>

  • Stonewalled

    published November 27, 1991

    When Peter Jaile announced he was gay two years ago, his father greeted the news with a week-long silence, then delivered a chilling reply.... More >>

  • The Case From Hell: Part 3

    published November 13, 1991

    More than two years after the state Department of Health and Rehabilitative Services (HRS) removed Lisette and Andres Nogues's seven youngest... More >>

  • Little Criminals

    published November 13, 1991

    When Derrod Bush was called before a judge last Tuesday, just before noon, chuckles rippled through the courtroom. That might seem odd, given that... More >>

  • Terminated

    published November 6, 1991

    Equal Employment Opportunity Commission complaints, it seems, are all the rage at the Dade Public Defender's Office this year. In the past dozen... More >>

  • The Little Thief

    published October 23, 1991

    At an age when most of the girls in her Liberty City housing project were treading the slippery path toward teen pregnancy, Carrie Jones was... More >>

  • Palm Treason on Ocean Drive

    published October 23, 1991

    If Armando Valdez had shelled out ten bucks to have his fortune told this summer, he might have planned a vacation for the fall. A long vacation.... More >>

  • Asleep at the Wheel

    published October 16, 1991

    Assuming virtually everyone in Dade County runs red lights virtually all the time -- as a recent in-depth study indicates -- a good number of... More >>

  • Drive Through

    published October 16, 1991

    Vehicle traffic facing a steady red signal shall stop...and remain standing until a green indication is given. -- Florida state statute... More >>

  • Heard It Through the Grapevine

    published October 9, 1991

    From where Patrick Snay sits, deep within Killian Senior High School's administration building, he can't see any of the surrounding campus. Then... More >>

  • Nobody Nose the Trouble I've Seen

    published October 2, 1991

    Oh, how we Floridians love exclusivity: the waterfront mansions, the crystal chandeliers, the caviar-stained revelry of Palm Beach estates and... More >>

  • The Case From Hell, Part II

    published September 18, 1991

    On September 23, 1989, Lisette Nogues, a consulting neurologist, and Andres Nogues, an aspiring physician and her husband of thirteen years, were... More >>

  • House Rules

    published September 11, 1991

    Under what circumstances does the state have the right to take children away from their parents? To what lengths should the state go to reunify a... More >>

  • 13 Pages of Allegations

    published September 11, 1991

    In seven years as a detective in the Metro-Dade Police Department's sexual battery unit, Ellen Christopher has exposed dozens of criminals to the... More >>

  • The Case From Hell, Part I

    published September 11, 1991

    It sounds, at first, like a faint siren, the shrill announcement of far-off disaster. Only after the fourth or fifth tone do you locate the... More >>

  • The Names

    published September 11, 1991

    Listed below are the names of Nogues family members, followed by other principal characters mentioned in this article, in alphabetical... More >>

  • Blackboard Jungle

    published August 7, 1991

    Roberto Torres is rocking, ankles to unsure toes, on a concrete step high in the sweaty reaches of Guaynabo's municipal stadium. He is a small,... More >>

  • Fast Break to Miami

    published August 7, 1991

    In the end, Cesar Bocachica couldn't bear the silence. The six-foot-five-inch sharp-shooting forward left Florida International University last... More >>

  • All Guts, No Glory

    published May 15, 1991

    Three days ago, it might have answered to "Spot." Or "Checkers." Or - God forbid - "Pumpkin." But for now, the mutt heaped like soggy coal on the... More >>

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