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1994 Stories by Stan Yarbro

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  • Tamper Tantrum

    published May 11, 1994

    Assistant U.S. Attorney Patrick White manages to overcome all the starch stiffening his dress shirt, lean back in his chair, and actually appear... More >>

  • Lord of the Gadflies

    published April 6, 1994

    Keith Wilson knows the importance of paper. In 1989, two years after he left the Miami police force to work for his father's church, Wilson was... More >>

  • The $145,000 Question

    published March 30, 1994

    In the spring of 1981 Leonid Brezhnev was president of the Soviet Union, Ronald Reagan was a newly installed fixture in the White House, and a... More >>

  • Animal Thwackers

    published March 30, 1994

    When Hurricane Andrew battered Metrozoo with some of the highest sustained winds registered in all of South Florida, the devastation was extensive... More >>

  • Getting to Know the Major

    published March 9, 1994

    Rodolfo Ulises Castrell is capable of evincing a wide range of emotions, from levity to rage, with only a slight change of expression. His eyes... More >>

  • Hugh Had to Be There

    published March 9, 1994

    On this windy Tuesday, as Hugh Rodham has been traveling, first to Tallahassee, then to Tampa, to announce his candidacy for the United States... More >>

  • Old Jokes for Old Folks

    published February 23, 1994

    The shadowy bulk of two pool tables dominates this space, illuminated by a single dim bulb near the door. Beneath the light stands Frankie Man,... More >>

  • Feud for Thought

    published January 19, 1994

    This much is certain: On August 27, 1990, Michael Catalano, a Dade County attorney specializing in defending DUI suspects, was in his brown... More >>

  • Crepe Shoot

    published January 19, 1994

    Christopher Hoffman couldn't believe his good fortune. The 30-year-old assistant manager of the Pickle Barrel restaurant in the Metropolitan... More >>

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