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1993 Stories by Stan Yarbro

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  • Nirvana Does Havana

    published December 29, 1993

    Fairfield, Ohio, could not be called a hotbed of Cuban exile activity, but at least one resident of the Cincinnati suburb has made his home on... More >>

  • Weiner Takes All

    published October 27, 1993

    At certain moments the bodega on NW 21st Street near 20th Avenue looks deceptively still, a forgotten concrete low-rise next door to a men's... More >>

  • Motor Mouths

    published October 13, 1993

    Increasingly, stern voices are shouting at those brave enough to walk the streets of Miami. And when we turn to respond, we are ashamed to... More >>

  • The Great Lesbian Club Wars

    published October 6, 1993

    Lisa Cox and Caroline Clone's positions as Miami's top lesbian club promoters make them two of the most well-known members of an increasingly... More >>

  • Stubbed Tow

    published September 29, 1993

    When the Metro-Dade Police Department orders a car to be towed, the circumstances are likely to be unpleasant. The driver has been pulled over for... More >>

  • Queen of the Centerfold

    published September 22, 1993

    Imagine the subject of this article, a woman in her late fifties or early sixties, five feet ten inches tall, with long white hair that falls... More >>

  • Eloy Gutierrez Menoyo, founder of Cambio Cubano, confronts a force as powerful as Castro: The exiles who condemn his moderate views

    published August 4, 1993

    Eloy Gutierrez Menoyo is speaking about the need to obliterate the memories of time lost -- specifically, the two decades he spent in Cuban... More >>

  • The House That Curtiss Built

    published July 21, 1993

    Ask any number of people in Miami Springs about the Curtiss mansion and they will tell you, quite adamantly, that they are determined to do... More >>

  • The Conner Conspiracy

    published June 30, 1993

    A photograph from the late 1950s captures the image of an attractive woman, her face turned from the camera in order to gaze at a young but... More >>

  • Sunday in the Park With AT&T

    published June 2, 1993

    The grass at Bayfront Park is wet with fresh paint, applied especially for an evening concert at the AT&T Amphitheater. The AT&T marquee on... More >>

  • Feel a Whole Lot Debtor

    published May 26, 1993

    Both Arthur Teele, Jr., and Hans Peter Kugler say they don't remember much about the exact moment they met on a 1985 Concorde flight from Paris to... More >>

  • No Deposit, Big Return

    published May 19, 1993

    Wendell Banks slithers along a narrow passage between cars before bursting into the open with as much pseudo-official bravado as his tattered... More >>

  • Home Is Where the Hut Is

    published May 12, 1993

    Anyone interested in a little conversation and a free cup of coffee can find both by strolling through South Pointe Park at the tip of Miami... More >>

  • Love (and War) in the Time of HIV

    published May 5, 1993

    Until recently Anthony Guadioso and his attorney, Peter Ticktin, were eager to talk about the man they say infected Guadioso with the AIDS... More >>

Archives: 1994 | 1993