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  • The Lincoln Assassination and the End of the Civil War

    published January 22, 2015

    Whether you’re a Civil War buff or get all your learnin’ from Drunk History, HistoryMiami keeps churning out lively events that tempt... More >>

  • Get Hitched

    published January 8, 2015

    Despite his decidedly dark portrayal in HBO’s The Girl, Alfred Hitchcock will forever be known as a cinematic treasure. From Psycho to The... More >>

  • Get Off Your Tuches and Learn Something

    published January 1, 2015

    Jewish people have faced persecution around the world for centuries, and Florida was no exception. They weren’t allowed to live as Jews in... More >>

  • Lyrical Love is All You Need

    published January 1, 2015

    Few cities are as starved for meaningful music as Miami. With the bass-and-beat-driven culture of EDM pervading our lives, timeless pop melodies... More >>

Archives: 2015 | 2014 | 2013