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1992 Stories by Sean Rowe

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  • Keep It Coming!

    published December 16, 1992

    A panel of three appeals court judges has upheld an order requiring the City of Coral Gables to pay New Times $35,210 in attorney's fees. ... More >>

  • The Trickle Up Theory

    published December 9, 1992

    While exploring an underwater cave system north of Lake Okeechobee, government hydrologist Clay Benson stumbles upon a mammoth fresh water spring,... More >>

  • Down At the Hooch and Brooch

    published December 2, 1992

    Just a few short hours after Miami's late-night watering holes dry up, another kind of cantina ushers in the day. From Cutler Ridge to Bal... More >>

  • The Art of Bankruptcy: Part 2

    published November 18, 1992

    Fourteen months after federal regulators seized Miami's Southeast Bank, one of the nation's oldest and largest corporate art collections still... More >>

  • Hoodwinked!

    published November 18, 1992

    A few days before Hurricane Andrew stomped across Dade County, a gang of roustabouts went to work on Spoil Island #15 in northern Biscayne Bay.... More >>

  • The Case of the Wandering Bass

    published November 11, 1992

    Musician Mitch Mestel loves his custom-made electric bass. Built eleven years ago, it has a uniquely curved neck and an unvarnished plainness.... More >>

  • The Night The Lights Went Out On Collins Avenue

    published October 14, 1992

    Carl Weersing loved his apartment. For $550 per month, he and his pal Alfonso Yepez got a second-floor roost in the very heart of South Beach. The... More >>

  • A Gamblin Cocktail

    published September 9, 1992

    A discreet warmth now fills the heart of every carpenter, electrician, and auto-body repairman in South Florida. Hardware merchants, lumber... More >>

  • Coral Gables Officials to See Red

    published July 15, 1992

    United States District Court Judge Federico Moreno gave the City of Coral Gables a spanking this past Thursday in federal court and upheld the... More >>

  • Ah, Wilderness!

    published July 8, 1992

    Just when zealous county and state bureaucrats thought they had all their ducks in a row last Tuesday, up popped Kirk Swing, bandy-legged... More >>

  • Stinky, Crunchy, Paint-Eating Hermaphrodites

    published June 10, 1992

    In 1969 thousands of giant African snails invaded Dade County, eating lawns and shrubs, and edging hungrily toward the vegetable fields and... More >>

  • Can You Keep a Secret?

    published June 3, 1992

    A Miami lawyer who is dying of AIDS has sued a physician and a fellow attorney, saying the two conspired to illegally obtain hospital records,... More >>

  • Come Up to My Room and I'll Show You My Pan Am Scale Model

    published May 27, 1992

    Last Tuesday at a warehouse in West Dade, six old men broke open a storage crate. Their lives - more than half a century of aviation history -... More >>

  • The Paragraphing Policeman

    published May 20, 1992

    With a force-five hurricane bearing down on fictional Biscayne County, homicide detective Jeff Kohl roosts in his favorite ficus tree with the... More >>

  • They Sloop to Conquer

    published May 6, 1992

    The fishmongers murmured. The boat bums balked. Chikara Nakamura and Tatsuaki Miyaochi waved, bowed, and tied their 28-foot sloop to the fuel dock... More >>

  • Never a Price Too High for the Commonwealth

    published May 6, 1992

    Every newspaper vending box in the universe should be painted beige and brown, never red or purple. Each should be the same size, with lettering... More >>

  • Surfing to Miami

    published April 1, 1992

    Hagridden by rain squalls, queasy in seven-foot seas, kayaker Randy Fine gave up his final bid to break the world speed record for a human-powered... More >>

  • Dig This

    published April 1, 1992

    America's shortest and busiest commercial river always has a tale to tell. In the earliest years of the Twentieth Century, the talk centered on... More >>

  • Coconut Grove Playhouse Feature Story

    published March 11, 1992

    Like the village that surrounds it, the Coconut Grove Playhouse has lived to middle age in more-or-less constant tension, its stage the locus of a... More >>

  • Foxes

    published January 29, 1992

    By noon the New York Timesman was tipsy on bootleg champagne. His necktie was long gone, and he found himself stumbling up an endless flight of... More >>

  • Martin Siskind Feature

    published January 8, 1992

    In the week leading up to Sunday, April 21 last year, a tiny notice appeared in the Miami Herald's classified pages: "ESTATE SALE!" the ad read,... More >>

  • The Case of the Bashful Kidney

    published January 8, 1992

    Pity mild-mannered Michael Wolok. Since late August the 38-year-old free-lance futures trader hasn't dared venture forth in his rust-color Ford... More >>

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