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1991 Stories by Sean Rowe

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  • The Art of Bankruptcy

    published December 25, 1991

    During the 1980s, American corporate chieftains spent four times more money on fine art than did the United States government. Inspired by sudden... More >>

  • Cover Story

    published December 4, 1991

    They were weird and wicked times, no doubt about it. Years after his death, when strangers in suit coats kicked and grappled for the crumbs of his... More >>

  • Chong Feature

    published November 13, 1991

    In Homestead - the last piece of American terra firma before the floating realm of the Florida Keys, a place of blurred borders and naturally... More >>

  • Fire and Water

    published October 16, 1991

    Maria Hernandez never missed a day of work in ten years until the hot summer morning she was autopsied and released for burial in section eleven,... More >>

  • Phoney Baloney

    published October 16, 1991

    Danny Faries, a winsome con man with a snaggletooth grin, ran one of the biggest telephone credit card scams in American history from a cramped... More >>

  • Boing! Boing! Boing!

    published October 2, 1991

    Irma Stone knows bounced checks better than anyone in South Florida. The phlegmatic 37-year-old has reigned for more than thirteen years as queen... More >>

  • The Sweet Buy-and-Buy

    published September 25, 1991

    Shopping mall managers and owners have a phrase for the totality of what happens in their climate-controlled Edens: The Retail Drama. At some... More >>

  • The Art is the Matter

    published September 18, 1991

    In the early years of the 21st Century, Miami's flourishing arts scene begins to implode. A string of once-lively neighborhood dance companies and... More >>

  • Quite a Stretch

    published August 21, 1991

    Tom Marko, part monk, part Tasmanian devil, has been cloistered for weeks in his office on Flagler Street. Subordinates say the director of... More >>

  • The Forgotten Man

    published August 7, 1991

    He was one of these guys you see on Friday afternoon at the 7-Eleven, stocking up on beer for the weekend, maybe buying some Lotto tickets, then... More >>

  • The Perfect Game

    published July 31, 1991

    "In a story in the March 18 editions of The Herald, Homestead City Manager Alex Muxo's fainting in 1981 was improperly described as a nervous... More >>

  • Labor Pains

    published July 31, 1991

    In recent weeks Miami's financially floundering Jackson Memorial Hospital has become the principal battle zone in a union war for the hearts and... More >>

  • Yuck!

    published June 19, 1991

    FITZCARRALDO: I'm doing all this because I have one dream. The opera. The great opera in the jungle. MOLLY: Fitzcarraldo will build... More >>

  • Fraudbuster!

    published May 15, 1991

    If you drive from Miami up to Surfside and park in the shade of a certain palm tree near the fashionable Bal Harbour Shops, you can watch Leon... More >>

  • Canoe Trip

    published April 10, 1991

    Long before 1901 - the year Miami's first canal was dug from the Miami River to present-day Allapattah - social progressives and capitalist... More >>

  • You Can Get There From Here

    published April 10, 1991

    From the moment I stepped into the canoe, I felt good about the trip. The boat, a seventeen-foot aluminum Grumman, capsized instantly and left me... More >>

  • Black Death

    published February 6, 1991

    Unless the three-week-old Gulf war becomes bloody beyond precedent, one segment of Greater Miami's population may be safer manning the front lines... More >>

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