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  • He Wrote, She Wrote

    published March 19, 1998

    Valentine's Day is long gone, but the utterly charming revival of the 1963 musical She Loves Me at the Actors' Playhouse in Coral Gables proves... More >>

  • A Pigment of the Imagination

    published March 12, 1998

    "A man walks into a bar." Stand-up comics have launched into routines with that line so often that it's no surprise comedian-turned-movie actor... More >>

  • Up on the Roof

    published February 26, 1998

    Nothing brings theater to life like a little death. Let a doctor say someone has only a few months to live and you've got drama. In recent years... More >>

  • The Divine Miss R

    published February 19, 1998

    Having to wait for one month out of the year to buy candy hearts with cute sayings printed on them is no big deal. After all, those hard little... More >>

  • A Puzzling Affair

    published February 12, 1998

    In an example of last-minute housecleaning before the February ratings sweeps began, ABC network executives pulled the plug on the cop drama... More >>

  • Brotherly Hate

    published February 5, 1998

    Touted as a comedy-thriller, Corpse! is more accurately a thriller-comedy in which the suspenseful plotting of the first act gives way to farce in... More >>

  • The Devil Made Him Do It

    published January 29, 1998

    The Othello Project, on-stage at the Florida Shakespeare Theatre in Coral Gables, takes its Deep South setting and part of its title from the... More >>

  • Stifling Joyce's Voice

    published January 22, 1998

    James Joyce's work is an acquired taste. Whereas the Irishman's short-story collection Dubliners (1914) is an easy read, his later novels have... More >>

  • Give 'Em What They Want

    published January 15, 1998

    The recent referendum creating Miami-Dade County is just the latest sign the area is suffering from an identity crisis worse than Sally Fields's... More >>

  • Brothers in Alms

    published January 8, 1998

    The convoluted political negotiations surrounding Pope John Paul II's trip to Cuba next week seem facile compared to the grave robbing, relic... More >>

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