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1994 Stories by Roberta Morgan

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  • Dearly Departed

    published March 9, 1994

    While pure lighthearted entertainment is fine from time to time, I freely admit to preferring art, whether on stage, screen, page, or canvas. If... More >>

  • O Solo Mio

    published March 2, 1994

    Even though it's my usual task to comment on the work of playwrights, directors, and performing artists, I must open this review with a barb... More >>

  • Moe's the Pity

    published February 23, 1994

    A great evening at the theater is composed of a whole host of elements, some obvious, some more subliminal. The basic minimum is an excellent... More >>

  • Blahs in the Night

    published February 9, 1994

    Remember the old scenario about describing a blind date? "Is she (he) cute?" you ask. "Well," comes the halting answer from your friend. "She (he)... More >>

  • Revue-ing the Situation

    published January 26, 1994

    Finally, the theatrical famine that plagued South Florida this year at Yuletide ending, and new shows are actually... More >>

  • Wanted: Real Stars

    published January 19, 1994

    My mind is capable of doing a couple of things at once. Therefore, while watching Shirley MacLaine Live! at the Jackie Gleason Theater, my... More >>

  • Waiting in the Wings

    published January 12, 1994

    Normally, the second half of South Florida's theatrical season comes up rosier than the first; this is the time of the tourists, when artistic... More >>

  • Unsteady As She Goes

    published January 5, 1994

    To sum up South Florida's theatrical menu in 1993, I must use one of the most famous -- if rather cliched -- passages in English literature,... More >>

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Archives: 1994 | 1993 | 1992 | 1991