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  • Skyline's the Limit

    published December 30, 1992

    Coproducer/cofounder of the new Miami Skyline Theatre Allen J. Zipper impresses me as not only a practical and inspired man, but also a most... More >>

  • Morrison on Their Minds

    published December 23, 1992

    People in the arts love to expound theories about talent: Is there such a thing? Can it be developed? Are some lucky souls just born with the... More >>

  • A Lunar Eclipse

    published December 16, 1992

    I, unfortunately, vividly remember George Peppard's sad impersonation of acting last year in The Lion in Winter. I'm steeling myself to face the... More >>

  • Too Too Tango

    published December 9, 1992

    Alan Farago poses a challenging question at our interview at J.J.'s restaurant several blocks from El Carrusel, where he's starting his new... More >>

  • Theater in the Square

    published December 2, 1992

    The solid triumph of Bill Clinton and the brutal lashing of the religious right suggest that the country is ready to move forward again instead of... More >>

  • What's It All About, Albee?

    published November 25, 1992

    I mentioned in a previous column that this quote is attributed to Eugene O'Neill: "The artist who tries to save the world loses himself." I'd like... More >>

  • Marine Corpse

    published November 18, 1992

    Since I'm about to deal with a murder mystery/courtoom drama -- Aaron Sorkin's 1989 Broadway hit, A Few Good Men, which is now enjoying a... More >>

  • Chairman of the Bard

    published November 11, 1992

    If I ever question the validity of devoting so much time to theater criticism in a town like this, there's no stronger reassurance than the... More >>

  • Let There Be Light

    published November 4, 1992

    In an effort to market the newest commandment -- Thou Shalt Have Family Values -- both major political parties have made attempts to define just... More >>

  • There's No Business Like Slow Business

    published October 28, 1992

    Though I was provided with excellent seats for "Give 'Em Hell Harry!", and though artistic director Arnold Mittelman was gracious enough to invite... More >>

  • A Plan For All Seasons

    published October 21, 1992

    'Tis the season to face the theater of 1992-93, so a broad review of last year's high and low points seems to be in order, as well as a peek into... More >>

  • Alice In Dunderland

    published October 14, 1992

    Admittedly, it's helpful of the Miami Herald to separate theater listings into "Professional/Equity," "Professional Non/Equity," "Community,"... More >>

  • Name That Loon

    published October 7, 1992

    Every molecule of my hyper-educated mind, every atom of refined artistic taste yearns to dismiss the old-fashioned, cornball 1950 John Patrick... More >>

  • Stages of Grief

    published September 30, 1992

    Of all the techniques used to teach acting, Sanford Meisner developed one of the most famous, practical, and, curiously enough, the simplest.... More >>

  • The Party of Man

    published September 23, 1992

    Despite the normally vapid state of TV, remote-control fast-forwarding does occasionally result in the unearthing of something worth staring at.... More >>

  • The Rainblow Coalition

    published September 9, 1992

    First, an anecdote, since as most populations outside America know, a sense of humor can help to ease one's pain. The story concerns... More >>

  • Dead Poets Society

    published August 26, 1992

    The great posthumously celebrated poet and recluse Emily Dickinson wrote: "One need not be a chamber to be haunted/One need not be a house/The... More >>

  • Stage Notes

    published August 19, 1992

    What was Vince Rhomberg at the Public Theatre thinking when he allowed the vanity production Yetta & Sophie In Miami Beach to occupy his space... More >>

  • Acting Superior

    published August 19, 1992

    The word "thespian" is derived from the name of the first actor who made history, Thespis, who dazzled the crowds at the festival of Dionysus in... More >>

  • A League of Their Own

    published August 12, 1992

    As a zesty summer alternative, I'll take a few weeks off here and there from slicing, dicing, and stroking to discuss more important issues in... More >>

  • Stealing Home

    published August 5, 1992

    In this business, the snappy little cliche "he stole the show" seems to be used ad nauseam to describe any performance that displays even a... More >>

  • Hell is for Zeroes

    published July 29, 1992

    In an article called "Critical Condition," published in the June 1991 edition of American Theatre, the great playwright A.R. Gurney, himself a... More >>

  • Stage Notes

    published July 29, 1992

    Some of the best singing, dancing and musicianship I've seen at the Coconut Grove Playhouse this year now occupies the main stage -- and the... More >>

  • Mama Traumas

    published July 22, 1992

    Having just learned from a reader's letter that one's perception of art is fact and not opinion, a whole new world of commentary has opened up for... More >>

  • Malignant Humor

    published July 15, 1992

    Want to hear an AIDS joke? A one-liner about crack addicts? Okay, how about the riots in L.A.? That's a knee-slapper for sure. ... More >>

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