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1991 Stories by Roberta Morgan

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  • Caution: Works in Progress

    published December 18, 1991

    "Work in progress" -- it's a theatrical tradition, a sacred one that conjures up visions of feverish writers and composers relentlessly chiseling... More >>

  • Strangers in a Strange Land

    published December 11, 1991

    Rita and Peter, New York singles tentatively looking for love, find each other at a friend's garden party, pursue a relationship, and marry after... More >>

  • The Big Decision

    published December 4, 1991

    Consider the plight of the Garcia family, which faces the biggest decision of nearly any Cuban-American's life: To return to the island or not if... More >>

  • Mommie Dearest

    published November 27, 1991

    Luis Santeiro, born in Cuba and raised in Miami, uses his roots and a finely-tuned sense of humor to draw unforgettable portraits of... More >>

  • Droll Not Dull

    published November 20, 1991

    According to a popular Broadway anecdote, Noel Coward didn't like Anton Chekhov as a playwright, and really didn't appreciate Chekhov's The Sea... More >>

  • A Man of the People

    published November 13, 1991

    In 1959 Robert Penn Warren's play, All The King's Men (based on his Pulitzer Prize-winning novel) opened off-Broadway, and asked a relevant... More >>

  • When a Woman Loves a Man

    published November 6, 1991

    Bessie Smith earned the right to sing the blues. Her first husband died soon after the wedding; the second one cheated on her regularly, and... More >>

Archives: 1994 | 1993 | 1992 | 1991