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  • Key Exchange

    published September 21, 1994

    Reserve some time between September 21 and October 2, drive to the southernmost part of Florida, and experience the only significant gathering of... More >>

  • Who's on First?

    published September 14, 1994

    After successfully tackling the Bard in their first annual Shakespeare Festival, the plucky Florida Playwrights' Theatre now presents something... More >>

  • Hopeless Romantic

    published September 7, 1994

    In Bernard Slade's mediocre Romantic Comedy -- given a painfully slow rendition by the Hollywood Performing Arts Professional Repertory Theatre --... More >>

  • Southern Discomfort

    published August 31, 1994

    The ability to select and produce a satisfying entertainment largely depends on knowing when a specific form is past its prime and when it's... More >>

  • East of Eden

    published August 24, 1994

    In New Theatre's nearly flawless production of Terrence McNally's recent off-Broadway hit, A Perfect Ganesh, actor extraordinaire Bill Yule... More >>

  • Orlando Magic

    published August 16, 1994

    Whether they were written by one person or many, by lord or commoner, there remains one undeniable truth about the plays attributed to William... More >>

  • Summer Stock Market

    published August 10, 1994

    Regular readers of this column may have noticed I've been writing more about ideas and trends lately than reviewing specific plays. There's a... More >>

  • Shoot the Piano Player

    published August 3, 1994

    When a theater production is truly disappointing, it usually falls into one of two categories: either the show is so tedious you can't help... More >>

  • Disconnecting the Party Line

    published July 26, 1994

    Anyone considering playwriting as a hobby or profession should tread with extra care these days. In addition to knowing how to build a story... More >>

  • True Lies

    published July 20, 1994

    When a person won't do something, the easiest excuse to make is that the particular thing in question can't be done. A masterpiece can't be... More >>

  • The Goodbye Guys

    published July 13, 1994

    Recently, I watched a melodramatic but compelling TV movie called And Then There Was One. It featured an excellent performance by Amy Madigan as a... More >>

  • Major League

    published July 6, 1994

    After one year of operation, the Theatre League of South Florida can boast a profit of $407.60. If that figure doesn't seem too impressive,... More >>

  • Betrayal Takes Three

    published June 29, 1994

    Significant historical events often shape an entire generation's psyche, and when that generation reaches maturity, the whole of society can be... More >>

  • Light, As in Flimsy

    published June 22, 1994

    Everyone deserves a vacation, even artistic directors. I suspect that after producing an exceptional season of drama and musical revues at New... More >>

  • Get Surreal

    published June 15, 1994

    If you choose this week to enter into the world created by the ninth International Hispanic Theatre Festival, you may find yourself in a landscape... More >>

  • Virility Bites

    published June 1, 1994

    Anyone who has seen Luis Santeiro's two prior plays in their world premieres at the Coconut Grove Playhouse -- Mixed Blessings (1989) and The Lady... More >>

  • Happy Daze

    published May 25, 1994

    London, August 1973. Married less than six months, my husband and I strolled down Kings Road, blissfully in love with each other and with youth.... More >>

  • Long Hot Summer

    published May 18, 1994

    I would be less than truthful if I said that the 1993-94 theater season in South Florida was anywhere near triumphant; in fact, it was not half as... More >>

  • The Ties That Blind

    published May 11, 1994

    Recently I saw a T-shirt imprinted with a cartoon that made me laugh out loud. It showed a young man sitting in a large but otherwise empty... More >>

  • British, Not Brilliant

    published May 4, 1994

    An outraged member of the local theatrical community recently confronted me during the intermission of a play and asked if it was true that I,... More >>

  • Life with Barney

    published April 27, 1994

    After observing more than five years of solid growth in South Florida theater, it has become clear to me that certain venues, mostly by virtue of... More >>

  • Boredom in Beantown

    published April 20, 1994

    A.R. Gurney seems to be one of those playwrights you either love or hate, depending upon your appreciation of the dry wit and humor slowly... More >>

  • The Walking Wounded

    published April 13, 1994

    Miss Saigon -- that monster musical hit from the creators of Les Miserables and producer Cameron Mackintosh, now playing at the Broward Center for... More >>

  • The Cliche Corner

    published April 6, 1994

    If playwright Geoffrey Hassman were a high school freshman, and if his play Jacob's Blanket A currently running at the Drama Center in Deerfield... More >>

  • Willy's Wild West

    published March 30, 1994

    Before the antics of Jim Carrey in Ace Ventura, Pet Detective, before Jerry Lewis won over the fickle hearts of the French, lo, even before Milton... More >>

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