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  • 22 years ago | Stage

    Reserve some time between September 21 and October 2, drive to the southernmost part of Florida, and experience the only significant gathering of new play productions, play readings, and theatrical workshops in this area. I'm referring, of course,...

  • 22 years ago | Stage

    After successfully tackling the Bard in their first annual Shakespeare Festival, the plucky Florida Playwrights' Theatre now presents something completely different, and does it almost as well. Graceland, by Ellen Byron, and Line, by Israel Horowi...

  • 22 years ago | Stage

    In Bernard Slade's mediocre Romantic Comedy -- given a painfully slow rendition by the Hollywood Performing Arts Professional Repertory Theatre -- Phoebe, one half of a playwriting duo, desperately tries to convince her partner, Jason, to continue...

  • 22 years ago | Stage

    The ability to select and produce a satisfying entertainment largely depends on knowing when a specific form is past its prime and when it's gaining popularity. By presenting Sandra Deer's dull and meandering So Long on Lonely Street the New River...

  • 22 years ago | Stage

    In New Theatre's nearly flawless production of Terrence McNally's recent off-Broadway hit, A Perfect Ganesh, actor extraordinaire Bill Yule portrays Lord Ganesha, Hindu God of Happiness, both hideous (with his elephant's head) and splendid (with h...

  • 23 years ago | Stage

    Whether they were written by one person or many, by lord or commoner, there remains one undeniable truth about the plays attributed to William Shakespeare: They attain the highest possible goals of playwriting. No other author has produced a body ...


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