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1995 Stories by Robert Andrew Powell

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  • The Reports of My Death Are Greatly Exaggerated

    published December 21, 1995

    At the spot where the Miami River meets Dupont Plaza, Miami Vice Mayor Willy Gort grasps a large pair of scissors, slices a fuchsia ribbon, opens... More >>

  • Say "Uncle!"

    published December 14, 1995

    Miami City Manager Cesar Odio's firing of Frank Casta*eda and Ivey Kearson two weeks ago prompted a broad-based protest. Not only are city... More >>

  • King Crab

    published December 7, 1995

    If a certain paranoid movie director were to swing through Coconut Grove, he would discover enough conspiracy theories to make the assassination... More >>

  • Dollars to Doughnuts . . .

    published November 30, 1995

    With the return of "crazy" Joe Carollo to the Miami City Commission returns the call to abolish the city government altogether. Rather than relive... More >>

  • Cadillac Combat

    published November 23, 1995

    Of all the turkeys Fred Rosenberg ever ate, none tasted better than the one he carved on Thanksgiving Day, 1993. It certainly surpassed the bird... More >>

  • Technical Knockout

    published November 16, 1995

    Like any right-thinking municipal bureaucracy, Miami tries to be fair to minority-owned companies when handing out city contracts. In fact, an... More >>

  • Wait a Minute, Mr. Postman

    published October 19, 1995

    Nine years ago a part-time letter carrier in Edmond, Oklahoma, killed fourteen people before turning a .45-caliber pistol on himself. In 1991 a... More >>

  • Among the Young

    published October 5, 1995

    A line of cars snakes down U.S. 1 toward a party in Kendall. Although tropical storm Allison is directly over Cuba at the moment, a torrent of... More >>

  • Rick Sanchez's Number One Fan

    published October 5, 1995

    As the gavel finally falls on the O.J. Simpson trial, so too ends one of the greatest advertising coups in Miami history. Since May, Los Angeles... More >>

  • Take the Guardhouse and Run

    published October 5, 1995

    Movie actor, multizillionaire, and part-time Miami resident Sylvester Stallone dropped in on the September 14 Miami City Commission meeting to add... More >>

  • The Brawl at City Hall

    published September 7, 1995

    From deep in the bowels of Miami's city hall comes a sound unlike any other that has been heard in South Florida since Cassius Clay defeated Sonny... More >>

  • So Long, Mila!

    published August 31, 1995

    Miami has lost an original. Two weeks ago Mila Cervone D'Urso flew off to London for a new job, a new home, a new life. After nine glorious years... More >>

  • UpAgainst the Wall, Sparkplug-head!

    published August 31, 1995

    Since they arrived from Cuba in 1962, Andres Senorans and his family have been patriots. American flags fly from cars parked behind the auto parts... More >>

  • Battling, Bungling Bureaucrats

    published August 3, 1995

    With $26 million on the line, the City of Miami didn't want to take any chances. So before requesting a generous grant from the U.S. Department of... More >>

  • Punt

    published July 6, 1995

    You probably weren't at the Orange Bowl on June 24. You probably spent that Saturday rejoicing at the end of a week of torrential rain. Maybe you... More >>

  • Friends in Tow Places

    published June 15, 1995

    Few things in life are as sure to pay off as a City of Miami towing contract. Each month the six private companies that hold city contracts are... More >>

  • Owe, Owe, Owe Your Boat

    published June 8, 1995

    Miami City Manager Cesar Odio loves rowing. Almost every Saturday he can be seen in the waters off Virginia Key, arching his back and timing his... More >>

  • Raising Hell

    published May 25, 1995

    Don't expect cake, party hats, or revelers dancing in the hallways of Dupont Plaza, but today marks the one-year anniversary of a watershed event... More >>

  • Go Play in Traffic!

    published May 11, 1995

    It's boom time for Brickell Avenue condos. After several lean years, occupancy is up. The volatile population of foreign owners that ebbed and... More >>

  • The Seven Year Bitch

    published May 4, 1995

    In a rare second chance, the judge who defined the rights of Miami's homeless community was given an opportunity to do it again. So he did. ... More >>

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