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2001 Stories by Rebecca Wakefield

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  • The Art of the Done Deal

    published December 20, 2001

    Margaret Soltis pauses midsentence to choke down a bubble of emotion and look distractedly at the young man playing the piano a couple of yards... More >>

  • The Pros Have It

    published November 29, 2001

    Tattoo is sitting in his patrol car under a tree, watching small groups of kids crawling to class as slowly as ants across Douglas MacArthur South... More >>

  • Thump, Thump, Thump

    published November 29, 2001

    When South Beach kicks out the last of its unwashed weekend masses into the graying light of dawn, they often drift across the causeways to that... More >>

  • Calling All Cabbies

    published October 25, 2001

    The intermittent morning drizzle slicking the City of Miami's palm fronds against its glass and concrete buildings is burnt out of the air by a... More >>

  • Return of the Bullies

    published October 25, 2001

    When Merrett Stierheim announced his interest in seeking the interim post at the helm of the Miami-Dade... More >>

  • Life in the Secret Service

    published September 13, 2001

    The prime minister of Trinidad and Tobago was just putting onto the green of the tenth hole at the Doral Country Club when the fever Secret... More >>

  • Something Rotten

    published August 23, 2001

    Miami-Dade County Public Schools has wasted hundreds of thousands of dollars in federal funds it receives... More >>

  • Tornillo Toasts Your Health

    published August 9, 2001

    Dr. Steven Scott's medicine show has parked its wagon outside the offices of the Miami-Dade County School... More >>

  • Confessions of a Former School District Cop

    published July 19, 2001

    José F. Gonzalez spent twenty years as a cop for the Miami-Dade County Public Schools, where he... More >>

  • Behind the Ballot

    published June 21, 2001

    Less than a year ago, architect Jacqueline Pepper was known publicly only to a small circle of zoning enthusiasts who attended meetings of the... More >>

  • Roger the Dodger

    published May 31, 2001

    In the midmorning sunshine outside one of Miami-Dade County's most impenetrable bureaucratic fortresses, a tightly packed crowd of journalists... More >>

  • Lesson the Damage

    published May 17, 2001

    When Sonnfred Baptiste emptied a round of bullets into the playground of an Upper Eastside charter school in January 2000, he opened more than... More >>

  • You Are Cordially Invited

    published April 19, 2001

    It was one of those perfect Miami nights when the weather respected the pomp and circumstance surrounding a very special event. In this case it... More >>

  • Don't Harm the Charm

    published March 29, 2001

    The Cozy Corner in Miami Springs is buzzing this Wednesday morning with what seems like half the town. Strong coffee washes down decadent piles of... More >>

  • On the Air, Off the Handle

    published March 22, 2001

    "You're sniffing up the wrong tree," sighs an annoyed Ted Eldredge, station manager at WLRN-FM (91.3), Miami's... More >>

  • A No-Class Operation

    published March 15, 2001

    On December 10, 1999, at 2:47 p.m., a call came into the Miami-Dade County 911 dispatcher: "Yeah, I got an emergency over at Mays Middle School,"... More >>

  • Parental Consensus

    published March 1, 2001

    Keith Ivory has some advice for Roger Cuevas, superintendent of Miami-Dade County public schools: "You know when you see a black and a Latin... More >>

  • Rebel with a Cause

    published February 15, 2001

    There comes a point in every Miami-Dade school board meeting when its nine members are free to depart from the agenda and hold forth on just about... More >>

  • Reading, Writing, and Construction Cranes

    published February 8, 2001

    Southside Elementary is one of those little neighborhood schools that used to be common in Miami. Situated on less than two acres and with an... More >>

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