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  • Victoria's Secret

    published April 8, 1992

    After all the elevated blood pressures regarding Basic Instinct and its allegedly graphic bisexual assignations, it's a pleasure to report that... More >>

  • Crimes of Fashion

    published April 1, 1992

    A movie's genre will often dictate a critic's approach to it. Which is why, under normal circumstances, Paul Verhoeven's Basic Instinct, a... More >>

  • Female Trouble

    published March 18, 1992

    The label that has come to be known in the moviegoing lexicon as "the woman's film" continues to strike an empty, intellectually fraudulent note,... More >>

  • Seven Can Wait

    published March 11, 1992

    In The Theory of Psychoanalysis published in 1913, Carl Jung speculated as to how the small world of childhood, with its familiar surroundings and... More >>

  • The Devil Made Me Poo It

    published March 4, 1992

    If Gate II isn't a good horror movie, what is? Good horror movies (rare ones such as George Romero's Night of the Living Dead and John... More >>

  • Bra Mitzvah

    published March 4, 1992

    Imagine a cross between a backstage drama like Punchline and a sisterhood saga like Mermaids - that's Nora Ephron's directorial debut, This is my... More >>

  • Beautiful Sangria of My Soul

    published February 26, 1992

    If anyone ever doubted to what extent English and Spanish have been mingled, maimed, or mangled over the course of 33 years of Cuban exile in the... More >>

  • Generalissimo Francis

    published February 19, 1992

    Last year, in a review of Oliver Stone's The Doors for this paper, Ben Greenman delivered a brilliant parting shot aimed at Stone, concluding... More >>

  • Dude Indigo

    published February 19, 1992

    Illiteracy and philistinism, America's most unremitting woes in the age of homogenized tube culture, could scarcely have found two wittier, more... More >>

  • Fest Asleep

    published February 12, 1992

    What is to be done with the Miami Film Festival? The question has plagued critical columns (mine and those of others throughout South Florida) for... More >>

  • Bleak and White

    published February 5, 1992

    It takes a supremely perverted sense of humor allied to a well-meaning foolhardiness to conjure up something like Kafka. The new film, delivered... More >>

  • To Have and Have Nat

    published February 5, 1992

    "Glamour, excitement, and ennui" promises the press release about the Ninth Miami Film Festival ready to roll this Friday at Gusman Center for the... More >>

  • Asleep on the Heels of the Bored

    published January 22, 1992

    Tom Berenger has never been as imposing and remote - or as doggone silly - as he is in At Play in the Fields of the Lord, Hector Babenco's new... More >>

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Archives: 1992