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  • Vermeer to Eternity

    published July 29, 1992

    Never having been a great admirer of Jean-Luc Godard, aging daddy of the French nouvelle vague, I was rightly suspicious with his showering praise... More >>

  • Kulcha Club

    published July 29, 1992

    First the good news: Though not by any means new, Kebab Indian Restaurant is another plum to add to Dade County's ever-growing community of... More >>

  • Adam's Crib

    published July 22, 1992

    When it opened in 1989 -- the same week as Batman -- I was delighted by Honey, I Shrunk the Kids and its Lilliputian adventure set in a suburban... More >>

  • Price -A-Roni

    published July 22, 1992

    "The engine which drives Enterprise is not Thrift, but Profit." You might be tempted to attribute this contention to Ross Perot in 1992, but in... More >>

  • Name That Toon

    published July 15, 1992

    When Sinclair Lewis received the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1930, one bemused onlooker, George Bernard Shaw -- a winner of the same award in... More >>

  • Bless This Haus

    published July 15, 1992

    Writing in his Metamorphoses, Ovid claimed that time devours everything. He could have invented the governing motto for the restaurant industry,... More >>

  • Guess Who's Coming to Dinner?

    published July 8, 1992

    Set in a hazy, non-specific, post-apocalyptic future, Jean-Pierre Jeunet and Marc Caro's black-hearted satirical comedy from France, Delicatessen,... More >>

  • Don't Curry, Be Happy

    published July 8, 1992

    One of the most exquisite architectural structures in South Beach is the Marlin Hotel on Ocean Drive, designed in 1939 by the great L. Murray... More >>

  • All the Wrong Moves

    published July 1, 1992

    One False Move is a knuckleheaded title for a diminutive detective thriller -- particularly as, both in its plot and the filmmaking in general,... More >>

  • Revenge of the Birds

    published July 1, 1992

    To separate cuisine -- or culture, for that matter -- by broad geographical parameters is one of society's most tempting and nauseating... More >>

  • Wayne's World

    published June 24, 1992

    "An opera - a gothic, Teutonic, thickly textured hybrid of various theatrical and cinematic conventions. To call this film Wagnerian would be... More >>

  • Dances With Woods

    published June 24, 1992

    Before getting to the business at hand, an announcement: New Times is looking for a permanent dining critic and food chronicler, someone with... More >>

  • Yankee Panky

    published June 17, 1992

    As Goldie Hawn traipses through it early in Housesitter, the fictional New England town of Dobbs Mill (Concord and Cohasset, Massachusetts) is a... More >>

  • Cheek to Cheek

    published June 10, 1992

    Never having put much stock in the concept of acquired tastes, the films of Derek Jarman, for all their incidental beauties, continue to leave a... More >>

  • Slaves to the Ritmo

    published June 3, 1992

    The partisan political waters of Miami have never been easy to predict or, for that matter, to navigate. As the 1990 snubbing of Nelson Mandela... More >>

  • Whoopi Cushion

    published June 3, 1992

    Whoopi here, Whoopi there, Whoopi everywhere. Like a coral-bound moray eel furiously biting off more than it can chew, the ubiquitous Goldberg has... More >>

  • There's a Slacker Born Every Minute

    published May 27, 1992

    Every moviegoing generation must contend with the fact that great directors don't come in bunches, though, as P.T. Barnum observed long ago,... More >>

  • Saturday Night Weaver

    published May 27, 1992

    Don't be misled by her sex: She's big. She's mean. She's bald. In a world filled with scampering rodents calling themselves macho, she stands... More >>

  • Green Acres

    published May 20, 1992

    Now must we brace ourselves for the start of the silly season. Richard Donner's undigestably dreadful Lethal Weapon 3 opened this past Friday, and... More >>

  • Days of Wives and Roses

    published May 13, 1992

    When it comes to heaping praise on foreign films, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences has not been, traditionally speaking, a very... More >>

  • City Nights

    published May 6, 1992

    Some memories of seemingly insignificant origin can last a lifetime. Ten years ago, I took a taxi from La Guardia Airport to Manhattan, and struck... More >>

  • Murder, He Wrote

    published April 29, 1992

    The opening tracking shot, at eight minutes even more protracted than the famous single-shot title sequence in Orson Welles's Touch of Evil (on... More >>

  • Tandoori Turkey

    published April 22, 1992

    It's one of history's sublime inversions that, just as Marco Polo traveled to China during the Thirteenth Century for egocentric discovery... More >>

  • All's Well That Ends Welles

    published April 15, 1992

    By the time Orson Welles set about playing Othello in 1948, he had already established himself as one of the great cinematic innovators in the... More >>

  • Down and Out in Paris and Tokyo

    published April 15, 1992

    What is fashion? Is it a craft devised to reflect the times, an enduring art, or an agent of change? Is there a parallel existence between Western... More >>

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