Pete Vonder Haar

Pete Vonder Haar is a regular film contributor at Voice Media Group and its film partner, the Village Voice. VMG publications include LA Weekly, Denver Westword, Phoenix New Times, Miami New Times, Broward-Palm Beach New Times, Houston Press and Dallas Observer.

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  • 2 months ago | Film Reviews

    Were we wrong to root for Kevin Smith? When he burst onto the scene in 1994, it was the most improbable of rags-to-riches movie narratives: bankrolling Clerks by selling his comic book collection and running up thousands of dollars in credit card ...

  • Yoga Hosers stands as the second in Kevin Smith's promised (threatened?) "True North" trilogy of movies set in Canada for no apparent reason other than that he appears to find the accents hilarious. (The first was the walrus-themed horror...

  • 2 months ago | Film and TV

    It's hard out there for a TV comedy fan. That's the case for network television, at least. Before All in the Family altered the TV comedy landscape, most sitcoms hewed closely to the formula of solving minor annoyances in 22 minutes (with the occa...

  • If we can credit any director with upholding the legacy of Hong Kong crime cinema in the age of American action-movie dominance, it's Johnnie To. Unlike contemporaries who've lapsed into semi-retirement (Ringo Lam) or turned increasingly to...

  • It's a common complaint about modern haunted-house movies: "Why don't they leave?" How many paranormal activities have to take place before the families in the Paranormal Activity flicks exit, screen left? To their credit, the couple in...

  • Satire is a tricky thing. It's best when executed in such a way that not only is the subject amusingly ridiculed, but some alternative to the current state of affairs is suggested. L.A. Slasher, a would-be cutting-edge indictment of...


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