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1997 Stories by Paula Park

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  • The Music Man

    published December 11, 1997

    For the past two and a half years music instructors at Miami's New World School of the Arts have watched in dismay as a majority of their... More >>

  • Into Africa

    published November 20, 1997

    In the darkness the warehouses along Opa-locka Boulevard all look alike. Flat, one-story boxes strung in a line, they offer no welcoming... More >>

  • The Oat Wars

    published November 20, 1997

    The morning light draws glistening stripes along the metal gates that open into Manolo Garcia's South Dade stable and feed store. The aroma of... More >>

  • Parks and Profits

    published October 23, 1997

    Miami Marine Stadium sits abandoned on Virginia Key, battered by Hurricane Andrew, trashed by vandals, picked over by scavengers. Though it is... More >>

  • It's Authentic When Linda Hart Says It's Authentic

    published October 23, 1997

    Arnold Palmer, Jack Nicklaus, Tiger Woods, and their licensing agents wanted a federal judge to stop a Coral Gables entrepreneur from selling... More >>

  • Nothing a Few Tons of Kitty Litter Wouldn't Solve

    published October 16, 1997

    Since 1982 Dirk Neugebohrn and his wife Barbara Addington have collected and cared for cats. Very big cats. Now they own 23 cougars, 2 male lions,... More >>

  • Heart and Soul

    published October 2, 1997

    The glitter on the black painted board glints like silver in the light of the DJ booth. The booth rises from the barroom floor of the Veterans of... More >>

  • How to Succeed in Education Without Really Studying

    published September 25, 1997

    Florida law sets precisely three hiring standards for public school principals and their bosses: They must complete three years as classroom... More >>

  • Addicted to Addiction

    published September 11, 1997

    Deborah Mash and her three colleagues from the University of Miami strolled into the meeting room of a Rockville, Maryland, hotel in August 1993,... More >>

  • Accusing the Accuser

    published July 24, 1997

    For fifteen years Laura Douglass and her mother made no effort to criminally prosecute the man they claim sexually assaulted Douglass repeatedly... More >>

  • The Ronald Major Case

    published July 17, 1997

    The report below, dated June 10, 1996, is known as a "Sexual Battery Screening Sheet." It was written by Assistant State Attorney Margaret... More >>

  • Flunk Out

    published July 17, 1997

    Dade County Public Schools Police Case No. B12537 School police Sgt. Harold McKinney received a delicate assignment from a school district... More >>

  • High Expectations, Low Pay

    published July 17, 1997

    The Dade County school police force's 147 officers are expected to know when to haul lawbreakers to jail and how to defuse a schoolyard fight... More >>

  • Good Fences, Bad Neighbors

    published June 26, 1997

    Expect a crowd at the Miami City Commission meeting today (Thursday). At issue is the controversy that has come to be known as Stallonegate.... More >>

  • When Is a House Not a Home?

    published June 19, 1997

    The Dade school board elections that took place this past November were marked by two dramatic changes: The number of board members increased from... More >>

  • Off-Track

    published June 5, 1997

    Six years ago theater manager and actor Kent Lantaff and lighting designer Tom Salzman sought a sabbatical from the sometimes cutthroat... More >>

  • Castro's Birthday Bash

    published May 8, 1997

    A ringing telephone awakened Norberto Fuentes just after dawn on a Saturday morning this past August. The acclaimed Cuban author couldn't imagine... More >>

  • The Late Shift

    published May 1, 1997

    A dispatcher's call crackles over the radio: Shop owner threatened, suspect is armed, location is one-seven and six-nine. Miami police officer... More >>

  • Treeless in Miami

    published May 1, 1997

    For decades three massive trees flanked the parking lot of a central Miami photography lab, inviting customers and strangers to linger in the... More >>

  • A Room of One's Own

    published April 17, 1997

    No question about it: Manty Sabates Morse's office isn't what you'd call palatial. Her austerely appointed quarters, on the seventh floor of the... More >>

  • Miami: See It Like a Visionary

    published April 3, 1997

    Architect Jorge Espinel has a number of visions for Miami's downtown waterfront. Or at least for what's left of it. As with all idealized visions,... More >>

  • High School Confidential

    published February 27, 1997

    Twenty students hunched over their computer keyboards or slumped at their desks on a recent Saturday afternoon in Brenda Feldman's newspaper... More >>

  • Open House

    published February 20, 1997

    Nina Betancourt strolls toward the skeleton of an unfinished house in an unfinished development called Jordan Commons, located in a community... More >>

  • What a Lovely Neighborhood

    published January 16, 1997

    Kenny Merker exits through a wrought-iron gate in front of his grand, two-story house and heads north along NE First Avenue to a dilapidated... More >>

  • Stone Crabs and the Women Who Love to Serve Them

    published January 2, 1997

    In a quiet, wood-paneled West Palm Beach courtroom last week, far from clattering plates and customers' chatter, South Florida's best-known female... More >>

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