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  • 24 years ago

    Near the end of his December concert at the Musicians Exchange in Fort Lauderdale, keyboardist and vocalist extraordinaire Leon Russell flashed a grin at bass player Jack Wessel, a knowing smile that so much as said Russell owned the audience and ...

  • 25 years ago

    Redefining the concept of jazz trios: piano with two tenor saxes. Redefining the concept of jazz venues: a health-food store/restaurant. Of course there's an explanation for this unlikely pairing A an oft-neglected art form showcased in a setting ...

  • 25 years ago

    A quarter of a century ago, Dr. Lonnie Smith was enjoying the attention of music notables such as John Hammond, Sr., (who signed him to a contract with Columbia and arranged his first appearance at the Newport Jazz Festival). Downbeat magazine was...

  • 25 years ago

    The postmidnight hour's when jazz clubs hit their groove. Aficionados huddled near the stage at O'Hara's Pub in Fort Lauderdale, drinking from long-necked beer bottles and brandy snifters, know that. Singer (she says "jazz vocalist" is too confini...


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