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  • Crazy for Caviar

    published December 30, 2004

    It's traditional to eat certain foods at the stroke of midnight on New Year's Eve to ensure good luck in the coming year. This lucky food varies... More >>

  • Kung Pao Christmas

    published December 23, 2004

    Twas the night before Christmas, and all through the house, not a creature was stirring -- except the delivery guy from the Chinese restaurant.... More >>

  • Tenpins and Cocktails

    published December 16, 2004

    On the glam sports scale, bowling has always ranked right up there with croquet and badminton. That's not to badmouth bowling. In fact, it's... More >>

  • Lost but Found

    published December 9, 2004

    For ethnic food enthusiasts, there's no greater thrill than finding a very small, very hidden eatery -- and no greater compliment than to call it... More >>

  • True Kosher Cuisine

    published December 2, 2004

    Truly tasty kosher food is not easy to find in Miami, especially not at reasonable prices -- that is, prices not inflated by all the necessary... More >>

  • He Said, She Said, They Dined

    published November 25, 2004

    He said: I hate little frou-frou plates of stuff, with a drizzle of this and a spit of that all around it. I like a big hunk of meat. With a bone!... More >>

  • Hidden Treasure

    published November 25, 2004

    Lila's Bistro, though only a weekday lunch place, is a find. But that doesn't mean it's easy to find. It's not. Not even if some food-savvy... More >>

  • Labors of Love

    published November 18, 2004

    Every once in a while diners will come across a restaurant that makes them feel happy the minute they walk in the door. Crabby's is such a place.... More >>

  • Chewing on Picasso

    published November 11, 2004

    You can buy a Felix Perdomo painting for $5800. Or at Orange Café, a self-described art café that opened earlier this year in the... More >>

  • The King of Sandwiches

    published November 4, 2004

    A chivito is an Uruguayan sandwich that could give a Philadelphia cheese steak a run for its money -- that is, if you're talking about... More >>

  • At Last a True Trattoria

    published October 28, 2004

    It's similar to the regular chicken," a server at Casa Toscana explained, describing a nightly special of sage-stuffed roast chicken breast with... More >>

  • Memories of Orange Umbrellas

    published October 28, 2004

    According to the late comedian Rodney Dangerfield, there was only one piece of advice his mother gave him as a kid: "Never eat a frankfurter from... More >>

  • Tea for You

    published October 21, 2004

    Coffee usually does the trick. But some days it takes a shot of Formosan Gunpowder to get a person going. Since last November it's been possible... More >>

  • Gone To the Dogs

    published October 14, 2004

    Just because something is fast food doesn't mean it has to be bad food. What's invariably bad is food that has no individuality, no regional... More >>

  • American Classics Reconsidered

    published October 7, 2004

    Few things are scarier, early in the morning, than glancing blearily over one's coffee cup and seeing a plate of big sunny-side-up fried eggs... More >>

  • Crazy for Crêpes

    published October 7, 2004

    A truly authentic ethnic restaurant can be like an acid flashback -- a good one, that is: A diluted but still evocative sensory return to a... More >>

  • Rooftop Tapas

    published September 30, 2004

    While "appetizer" is generally used as a synonym for "hors d'oeuvres," it really isn't synonymous. The French term means "outside of the work;"... More >>

  • Haitian Heritage

    published September 23, 2004

    Just as herbs and spices season food, so does history. Thus "Caribbean cuisine" is a misnomer, more convenient as a sound bite than useful as... More >>

  • The Upscale Burger

    published September 16, 2004

    When Julia Child died last month, two days from her 92nd birthday, obituaries naturally focused on the great food writer's professional... More >>

  • Hail the Ancient Churro

    published September 9, 2004

    If life were fair and rational, every corner in Miami where a Dunkin' Donuts now stands would instead house a churro shop. In a burg whose... More >>

  • High Quality, Low Price

    published September 2, 2004

    According to an old dining axiom, a restaurant's bread basket is an indicator of the rest of the meal's quality. At Duo the bread reached even... More >>

  • The Soups of Vietnam

    published September 2, 2004

    For those who have had it at its best, pho is more than mere food. It is a drug, and a very addictive one. No, no -- don't get all excited. The... More >>

  • A Welcome Neighbor

    published August 26, 2004

    For twenty years the Sun Inn has been operating in Edgewater, north of downtown. And for the eleven years I've lived in Miami, I've been wondering... More >>

  • Charlotte All the Times

    published August 19, 2004

    From the front the Charlotte Bakery doesn't look much more encouraging than any of the many other sources, on this still relatively ungentrified... More >>

  • The Sushi Wars

    published August 12, 2004

    For as long as I've lived in Miami Beach, sushi bars have been more common than Madonna sightings -- and back in '93 that girl used to show up at... More >>

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