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  • Meta-Rap Flow, Full Blast

    published December 15, 2005

    Talk about ebony and ivory! Two very, very loud shows opening this weekend playfully redefine a couple of ethnic-cultural niches while shamelessly... More >>

  • Pulp Western

    published December 8, 2005

    Now onstage at Coral Gables' Miracle Theatre is Johnny Guitar: The Musical, which respins the tale of when the West was wild, the men were... More >>

  • Strange but True

    published December 1, 2005

    Not many events at Art Basel Miami Beach — and possibly just as few exhibitions shown over the course of Art Basel Switzerland's 36-year... More >>

  • Take a Peek

    published December 1, 2005

    The Miami Beach Cinematheque is no stranger to all things weird and wonderful, but this time its coordinators have devised something completely... More >>

  • The Good, the Bad, and the Beautiful

    published November 17, 2005

    Giacomo Puccini is often regarded as the world's most beloved and most performed operatic composer, and a scene during the first act of Florida... More >>

  • Our Body Issues, Ourselves

    published November 3, 2005

    You have to admit, it's a tough act to follow. In her runaway international hit The Vagina Monologues, Eve Ensler was anything but shy... More >>

  • Late Bloomers

    published October 27, 2005

    Stranger things than Ethel exist in classical music, but not many. Then again, classical is not exactly the right word for this string... More >>

  • Toe Shoe Tour de Force

    published October 6, 2005

    It's the dance homecoming of the year, except Jimmy Gamonet de los Heros didn't really have to go anywhere. "I love Miami," says Gamonet.... More >>

  • As Doomed as the American Buffalo

    published September 22, 2005

    It's all about a nickel. American Buffalo, the 1975 play that made David Mamet a star and might well remain the American playwright's... More >>

  • Without a Trace

    published September 15, 2005

    If you choose to vanish, we're told early on in Madagascar, you probably won't be found. Nine out of ten people who disappear most... More >>

  • Inspired by Envy

    published July 21, 2005

    The recent off-Broadway hit Matt & Ben, written by Mindy Kaling and Brenda Withers, is having its Florida premiere in a Mad Cat Theatre... More >>

  • Good Jews, Bad Jews

    published July 21, 2005

    No, it's not the big one. But the Summer Mini-Fest presented by the Miami Jewish Film Festival does offer a welcome respite from the blockbuster... More >>

  • The Shylock Enigma

    published July 14, 2005

    Rafael de Acha's production of The Merchant of Venice is not perfect, but it also cannot be dismissed. It boasts gripping and often... More >>

  • Verging on Disaster

    published July 14, 2005

    The good news here is Guillermo Reyes is a major voice in Hispanic and gay theater, and his 1994 comedy Men on the Verge of a His-Panic... More >>

  • Summer Sizzlers

    published June 16, 2005

    William Shakespeare needs no justification. And the Shakespeare Project 2005, an ambitious summer-long festival now onstage at New Theatre, holds... More >>

  • A Celebration of Culture

    published June 9, 2005

    Miami, where a short drive can transport you from Little Havana to Little Buenos Aires and beyond, is the ideal spot in which to celebrate the... More >>

  • The Thrill of Brazil

    published June 9, 2005

    It's been a great season for movie lovers in South Florida, with a string of major festivals more than making up in both quantity and quality for... More >>

  • Seeing Red

    published June 2, 2005

    Jules Feiffer's memory play about Brooklyn in the Fifties resounds as a cautionary tale for the United States in the 21st Century. Now at... More >>

  • The War at Home

    published May 26, 2005

    Few new plays are this important and this beautiful, and fewer still are done this well. Jonathan Lichtenstein's The Pull of Negative... More >>

  • Hip-Hop Warriors

    published May 19, 2005

    Scratch and Burn really shouldn't work, but it does. Teo Castellanos's gripping and immensely entertaining dance-theater work... More >>

  • Singing the Queen's Praises

    published May 12, 2005

    It's not perfect and it needs work, but there's a lot to enjoy in Nefertiti: A Musical Romance. Billed as a new musical, but an... More >>

  • Less Than Blue

    published May 5, 2005

    Derek Jarman's Blue may be that weird and wonderful filmmaker's weirdest and most wonderful film. Striking imagery informs all of his... More >>

  • One Bright Star

    published April 21, 2005

    Kyle, a likable young man with a slightly geeky aura, sits alone at the edge of the stage and talks disarmingly to the audience. He is an... More >>

  • Guys and Balls, Gals and Bush

    published April 21, 2005

    Back for a seventh year, the Miami Gay & Lesbian Film Festival kicks off an early hot summer with ten days of movies, parties, and pride. Indies... More >>

  • Golden Girl in South Beach

    published April 21, 2005

    It is both quite a coup and a kooky touch to have landed Bea Arthur as the gala diva of ceremonies of the Miami Gay & Lesbian Film Festival. The... More >>

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