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  • Iggy Pop

    published November 6, 2003

    The world "seminal" is used over and over again in the hefty press kit that accompanies Skull Ring, the latest album from Iggy Pop. And... More >>

  • Gorky's Zygotic Mynci

    published October 30, 2003

    Gorky's Zygotic Mynci (pronounced "monkey") has been around for ten years. The foursome's unusual name is a perfect reflection of its ultraquirky... More >>

  • Chemical Brothers

    published October 2, 2003

    There is a crucial turning point in a musician's career that comes after the first rush of critical acclaim, commercial success, and being dubbed... More >>

  • Matthew Herbert Big Band

    published September 18, 2003

    Electronic music artists are often accused of being faceless and personality-free by those who don't find their music interesting as well as those... More >>

  • Mark Ronson

    published September 11, 2003

    When you are better known for the people who attend your party than for your music, you might be facing a credibility problem. Such is the case... More >>

  • The Raveonettes

    published September 4, 2003

    Outside of the despicable Aqua's repulsive "Barbie Girl," Denmark has not been known for producing any notable music. That is, until now: Enter... More >>

  • Ananda Project

    published August 14, 2003

    Chris Brann, the mastermind behind Ananda Project, is on a mission to produce at least four full-length artist albums this year. So far he's... More >>

  • BT

    published August 7, 2003

    Brian Transeau, more commonly referred to as BT, is considered by his peers and followers to be one of the creators of the progressive... More >>

  • Junior Senior

    published July 31, 2003

    The incongruous Danish duo of Jesper Mortensen ("Junior") and Jeppe Laursen ("Senior") is bringing some fun back to music. Their debut album,... More >>

  • DJ Heather

    published July 10, 2003

    On Dancefloor Principles, DJ Heather of the house-centric, Chicago-based Super Jane Collective offers a collection that marks the sixth... More >>

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