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  • The Postmarks Leave Their Stamp with a New Album

    published November 27, 2008

    A covers album from a South Florida combo is hardly breaking news, considering this a locale where well-crafted original music is a rare... More >>

  • I Set My Friends on Fire

    published November 20, 2008

    If you've never heard of I Set My Friends on Fire, it's the same two Miami homeboys — Matt Mihana and Nabil Moo — who used to play... More >>

  • The New Planets

    published October 30, 2008

    We 'R' Us is a better album than its self-serving title might imply — in fact, it might be one of the best recent South Florida... More >>

  • Cool Credos

    published October 23, 2008

    Legend has it that during Ronald Reagan's first run for president, his wife Nancy suggested he use Bruce Springsteen's popular anthem "Born in... More >>

  • A Bloodshot Records Anthology Resurrects Charlie Pickett

    published October 2, 2008

    The case of Charlie Pickett is one of rock and roll's classic stories of almost-was. The Dania homeboy spent much of the Eighties working the... More >>

  • Rick Udler

    published August 28, 2008

    In Brazil, where musical virtuosos (Sergio Mendes, Gilberto Gil, Antonio Carlos Jobim, et al.) are as abundant as lunatics on our local... More >>

  • Bad Company featuring Paul Rodgers, Simon Kirke, and Mick Ralphs

    published August 7, 2008

    In the world of rock, few artists can claim even one enduring ensemble to provide for their pension. Gruff-voiced singer Paul Rodgers can bank... More >>

  • The Summer After the Summer of Love

    published July 24, 2008

    Considering the fact that 2008 marks the 40th anniversary of a year that produced countless musical milestones, it's surprising how little has... More >>

  • Shawn Snyder

    published June 5, 2008

    With his turnip hairdo and a voice that evokes an infusion of wanderlust and yearning, South Florida's Shawn Snyder could be Adam Duritz's... More >>

  • Alone Together

    published April 3, 2008

    In today's tough economic times, being a one-man band could be considered as much a function of financial necessity as a measure of... More >>

  • Rick Udler

    published April 3, 2008

    Brazil is known for many things — its cosmopolitan ambiance, a wealth of spectacular beaches, the wildest Carnival celebration in the... More >>

  • Black Janet and the Atomic Cowboys

    published March 20, 2008

    While this particular gig might have you thinking you're seeing double, there's no need to tally up the bar tab just yet. Fact is, it's a... More >>

  • Gang of Green

    published March 13, 2008

    With another St. Patrick's Day upon us, we'll once again don the green, approximate some lame Irish accents, and prepare to ingest massive... More >>

  • Albert Castiglia

    published March 13, 2008

    The Bonzo Dog Band, an eccentric Sixties British group with a penchant for silliness and satire, once released a song whose title begged the... More >>

  • Ricky Skaggs

    published February 28, 2008

    You don't rack up country credibility by wearing big hats and shiny shirts, although the current crop of Nashville movers and posers might... More >>

  • North Mississippi Allstars

    published February 21, 2008

    For the first six albums, a dozen years into their collective career, the North Mississippi Allstars took a more traditional approach to their... More >>

  • Hungrytown

    published February 7, 2008

    Granted, the name Hungrytown suggests a Third-World municipality desperate for charitable donations. But it's actually the handle for a... More >>

  • A Rocker Reborn

    published January 10, 2008

    When you're in a world-famous rock band, having your frontman meet an unexpected demise can really be a major annoyance. At the very least, it... More >>

  • Willie Nelson

    published January 10, 2008

    Prior to assuming the frayed-ponytail persona, and long before the superstardom he snared in the Seventies, Willie Nelson was just another... More >>

  • Jim Wurster

    published January 10, 2008

    In the dozen or so years since the breakup of his band Black Janet, Jim Wurster has produced a steady stream of exemplary albums, both solo and... More >>

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