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  • Gram Parsons with the Flying Burrito Brothers

    published December 27, 2007

    For a guy who's been credited as the godfather of "cosmic country," Gram Parsons hasn't exactly been well represented when it comes to concert... More >>

  • Jethro Tull

    published December 13, 2007

    There are certain riffs that are forever emblazoned in the soundtrack of rock and roll: the Beatles' "Day Tripper," the Stones' "Satisfaction,"... More >>

  • Father Bloopy

    published November 15, 2007

    Miami Beach may be famous for many things — celebrity cachet, club chic, thongs, and a dearth of parking spaces. But it's generally not... More >>

  • The Thrills

    published October 18, 2007

    The Thrills' 2003 debut, So Much for the City, was an idealistic homage to the California myth, as filtered through the Day-Glo haze of... More >>

  • John Ralston

    published October 4, 2007

    With his second solo disc — after previously helming local outfit Legends of Rodeo — Florida homeboy John Ralston builds on the... More >>

  • Ben Kweller

    published September 20, 2007

    On his third full-length, baby-face Ben Kweller has raised the bar, not only for his own budding career, but also for his competition. Despite... More >>

  • Under the Covers

    published September 6, 2007

    I admit it — I don't like cover bands. In fact I've never heard a cover band that can substitute for the original record. My wife tells... More >>

  • The Mendoza Line

    published September 6, 2007

    After 10 years or so, the members of Mendoza Line are still mining their original choice of topics: dashed hopes, failed relationships, and the... More >>

  • Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow

    published August 30, 2007

    Rich Ulloa can't contain his enthusiasm. Here he is, arms full of scrapbooks, three of the 20 volumes he has meticulously compiled since the... More >>

  • John Doe

    published August 16, 2007

    Adopting the guise of roots revisionist, musical journeyman, and trad troubadour, John Doe has taken an unexpected tangent since parting ways... More >>

  • John Vanderslice

    published August 9, 2007

    This latest disc from San Francisco singer, songwriter, and audio auteur John Vanderslice was borne from mitigating circumstances, mostly... More >>

  • Frank Black

    published August 9, 2007

    Although Frank Black's tenure at the helm of the Pixies overshadows his solo career, his individual efforts deserve this recap, an extensive... More >>

  • Rocky Votolato

    published August 2, 2007

    Okay, so Rocky Votolato hardly seems like the kind of guy you'd count on to be the life of the party. His languid vocals and low-key... More >>

  • Sam Friend

    published July 26, 2007

    The University of Miami School of Music boasts some notable alumni, two of the best known being Pat Metheny and Bruce Hornsby. Only time will... More >>

  • Ryan Adams

    published July 26, 2007

    Since launching his solo career in 2000 — after helping redefine the alt-country concept with Whiskeytown — Ryan Adams has made... More >>

  • Bruce Springsteen and the Sessions Band

    published July 5, 2007

    Last year's Seeger Sessions saw the Boss unexpectedly twist toward traditional Americana. This Live in Dublin double disc and... More >>

  • The Police

    published July 5, 2007

    The Police reunion has been hailed as the musical event of the millennium. But an online missive from drummer Stewart Copeland, following the... More >>

  • Stone on a Roll

    published June 14, 2007

    Joss Stone is all about the love. Obsessed with it actually. Over the course of a phone call from Vancouver, the last in a series of whirlwind... More >>

  • Assembly of Dust

    published May 24, 2007

    With the term "jam band" incorporating everything from blues to bluegrass these days, it's an overused handle that barely describes all the... More >>

  • Wilco

    published May 10, 2007

    Wilco may set the standard for eclectic indulgence. Shedding its Americana visage with Yankee Hotel Foxtrot in 2002, the band successfully... More >>

  • Dinosaur Jr.

    published April 26, 2007

    Forget the Foo Fighters — the true champ when it comes to blending melody and mayhem is a tumultuous trio known as Dinosaur Jr. These... More >>

  • Kings of Leon

    published April 12, 2007

    Kings of Leon are commanding quite a racket these days. Made up of three brothers — sons of a Pentecostal preacher — and their cousin,... More >>

  • Bright Eyes

    published April 5, 2007

    Following the critical acclaim garnered by the 2005 simultaneous release of I'm Wide Awake, It's Morning and Digital Ash in a Digital... More >>

  • Norah Jones

    published March 29, 2007

    Norah Jones is still searching for her perpetual groove. Since garnering instant acclaim at the top of the jazz and pop charts with her... More >>

  • Ron Sexsmith

    published February 15, 2007

    Despite putting out nine albums and having a knack for writing songs that would make Paul McCartney and Brian Wilson wince with envy, Ron Sexsmith... More >>

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