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2006 Stories by Larry Carrino

Archives: 2006
  • The Green Room

    published August 24, 2006

    Opening its metaphorical door in 2000, the Green Room is the musical cooperative founded by Colombian-born Jorge Mejia. Though he sports a degree... More >>

  • Midtown at the Oasis

    published June 15, 2006

    Nestled in the Wynwood Art District, Cornerstone, a gallery cum performance venue, has been a host to local artists and performers since it opened... More >>

  • Brendan O'Hara and the Humble Ones

    published March 30, 2006

    Part beatnik, part Ben Folds, Brendan O'Hara is quickly becoming one of South Florida's most interesting musical commodities. Backed by the Humble... More >>

Archives: 2006