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  • 15 hours ago | Film and TV

    The first few months of the year are notorious for being a period of drought at the movies, but the January–March 2018 release calendar offers a surprising deluge of highly anticipated films

  • 10 days ago | Film Reviews

    The Other Side of Hope is a spiritual sequel to Le Havre, arriving six years later; both are sympathetic pictures of refugees without being overtly weepy or sentimental

  • It's become exhausting to evaluate the worth of films based on their timeliness or how they offer an escape from reality. So you may be wary walking into The Other Side of Hope, with its title reminiscent of a self-help book and its...

  • The English title of Jose Maria Cabral's new film Carpinteros is Woodpeckers, which refers to the secret sign language between the male and female inmates at a Dominican Republic prison: As a means of flirting and communicating, the...

  • Irish filmmaker Johnny O'Reilly exhibits such a confident understanding of Moscow in his latest Russian-language film that you'd think he was a native. He captures the Russian capital with grand landscape photography before zeroing in on...

  • Borrowing David Fincher's viridian hues, director Tarik Saleh (Swedish, but of Egyptian descent) has created a smoky film noir based on true and recent events. The happenings of The Nile Hilton Incident lead up to the Egyptian revolution...


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