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1991 Stories by Kirk Semple

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  • Bon Voyage!

    published December 18, 1991

    From where he lay in the drifting, battered lifeboat, Julian Bravo could see the fat American tourists leaning over the ship's railings eleven... More >>

  • Carry That Wait

    published November 27, 1991

    So you're tired of the leaky ceiling in your apartment, the rodents are beginning to have their way, and your landlord has not resurfaced since he... More >>

  • Causes of Death Feature

    published November 20, 1991

    Nine o'clock in the morning is no time for spiritual reflection in the morgue of the Dade County Medical Examiner Department. The first corpse of... More >>

  • What's All Heart and a Yard Wide?

    published November 6, 1991

    How much kindness can fit into convicted arms smuggler Sarkis Soghanalian's 300-pound frame? Just ask his ex-wife, Shirley Soghanalian. "He was... More >>

  • Lonely at the Top

    published October 30, 1991

    In 1969 a young cadet in the Baltimore County Police Department received the kind of progress reports that might have led a less determined man to... More >>

  • If I Had a Hammer

    published October 30, 1991

    The South Florida construction industry has been hit hard by the recession, and general contractors like Louis Forti have been happy to take on... More >>

  • Anatomy of a Defeat

    published October 9, 1991

    Betty Sime had Key Biscayne's first mayoral election so deep in her pocket that several of her closest friends didn't even bother to vote. "I had... More >>

  • Brickell Place's Most Wanted

    published October 9, 1991

    Rare is the adolescent resident of a high-rise who hasn't converted his balcony into a laboratory for a detailed study of gravity. Young inquiring... More >>

  • How Dare You Pour Borscht On My Daughter's Head!

    published September 18, 1991

    The August 2 sleepover for nine-through-eleven-year-olds was one of the most anticipated events of the Miami Beach Parks and Recreation... More >>

  • Tie Me Up! Tone Me Down!

    published September 11, 1991

    Can't seem to stop your cross-dressing husband from wearing skirts to the movie theater? In search of a forum to describe how you were stripped,... More >>

  • Guns N' Hoses

    published September 4, 1991

    In his fifteen years as a firefighter in Dade County, Dan Corcoran has rescued charred children from a blazing apartment, pulled dead bodies from... More >>

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