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  • 2006 - Sunshine State Awards/South Florida Society of Professional Journalists, published April 28, 2005

    "Fake Art, Real Money"

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  • Floored Genius

    published November 10, 2005

    Hundreds of writers, book editors, and other denizens of the publishing industry are descending upon Miami and environs this week for the Miami... More >>

  • Five Book Fair Highlights

    published November 10, 2005

    I. Truth and the Truthful Truisms That Truly Don't Spring from It Well, yep, it's presidential campaign season again. No, it's not. Liar!... More >>

  • Hurricane Voyeurism

    published October 27, 2005

    She came from the West, a demure Category One, letting us think she was steady, docile, and relatively harmless. But when Hurricane Wilma blew... More >>

  • Wet Foot/Wet Foot

    published October 20, 2005

    News Bulletin: "A rarely seen nine-foot-long American crocodile cornered itself [sic] in the same North Miami Beach carport visited by... More >>

  • A Portrait of Lucila?

    published September 22, 2005

    Havana canvases often come to dust in Miami, especially really old ones. Juan Diaz, a 68-year-old vice president of a corporation that... More >>

  • Kite-Crazed Dudes

    published September 1, 2005

    Those who live by the wind can also die by it, or at least get extremely hurt, which can be bad for commerce, particularly when it involves... More >>

  • Fables of the Reconstruction

    published July 14, 2005

    The condominium boom may make parts of Miami even more fabulous one day, but it is already butchering the black Grove. Just ask a butcher.... More >>

  • Bombshell Blowback

    published June 16, 2005

    The Miami Herald, like most large dailies, relies heavily on market research when considering changes in content or format. Several months... More >>

  • Super Booze Me

    published June 9, 2005

    Friday: It is already well into happy hour, you're still at work, and the only free liquor event you've heard about is at some place called... More >>

  • How I Missed the Posada Story

    published May 26, 2005

    Well, it just so happened I was gearing up for a vacation when Luis Posada Carriles decided to announce he had sneaked into the United States,... More >>

  • Fake Art, Real Money

    published April 28, 2005

    When art dealer Ramon Cernuda talks, people listen. Some may not like his message, but he says it anyway. In the Eighties he drew angry protests... More >>

  • Captured Cop Chat

    published March 10, 2005

    The Miami-Dade Police Department's Task 5 tape, recorded on the morning of August 24, 2004, became evidence in the recent trial of suspended Miami... More >>

  • Britto's Republic

    published February 24, 2005

    Because the artwork of Romero Britto makes him smile, developer Jeffrey Berkowitz says the City of Miami Beach has but two choices for the future... More >>

  • Metro

    published February 17, 2005

    The City of Miami Beach has a hot new tourist attraction. Nothing to rival the Grand Canyon or even the Liberace Museum, but this natural wonder... More >>

  • Out of Thin Air

    published February 10, 2005

    Imagine an eternal source of pure drinking water. A source from which the crystal-clear liquid would flow endlessly. A simple, portable source... More >>

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