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  • Everyone but God

    published December 27, 2001

    It's a lonely hour, one promoters dread. Billboardlive is empty save for bartenders wiping down bottles and tonight's first-up DJ prepping the... More >>

  • A DJ's Christmas Story

    published December 20, 2001

    What's house music about? Arguably the first form of electronic dance music to rise from the ashes of disco, pure house is hard to... More >>

  • DJ-O-Rama

    published December 6, 2001

    Anyone who thought September 11 and the spiraling recession that followed would put a damper on Miami nightlife underestimated clubland's... More >>

  • More Trouble at the Polls

    published December 6, 2001

    What is it with polls and Miami? From bogging down presidential elections to the hapless Hurricanes, Miami seems forever jinxed when it comes to... More >>

  • Inner and Outer Space

    published November 8, 2001

    When Miami superclub Space first took to representing its sound on CD, it delivered a trance-heavy salvo by DJ Edgar V. called... More >>

  • Friendly Frequency

    published October 11, 2001

    A few hours before the annual Power 96 (WPOW-FM 96.5) blowout at the American Airlines Arena, DJ Eddie Mix eases down among the empty seats and... More >>

  • Organic Itinerary

    published September 27, 2001

    Yeah, mate, think I've had enough of this heat," says Dave Ralph without preamble as he strolls into a South Beach coffee shop on a recent summer... More >>

  • River ReMix

    published September 13, 2001

    He may be from Manhattan's Upper West Side, but few DJs have become more synonymous with Miami than David Padilla. His seasoned sound has been the... More >>

  • Strange Bedfellows

    published August 30, 2001

    Hey, faggot!" The visitor from New York stopped dead in his tracks. An incredulous look crossed his face as he turned toward Washington Avenue.... More >>

  • 24-Hour Garage

    published August 9, 2001

    We come alive after our nine-to-five." That is the creed of moneyman Mel Cheren and impresario Michael Brodi, the nightlife visionaries who in the... More >>

  • Beastly Beats

    published August 2, 2001

    This Friday Level will open its doors for a night benefiting Jungle Habitat, and who better to spin the event that will save the orangutan than... More >>

  • The DJ Is in the Kitchen

    published July 12, 2001

    The British are coming. And this time they're cooking. Every so often our U.K. cousins get bored with the fog and rain and pot pies and decide to... More >>

  • Trance Story

    published June 28, 2001

    Three nights in Miami in the heat of June. Three DJs descend on clubland. Paul Van Dyk, David Waxman, and Timo Maas represent the history of... More >>

  • Mixmag Journeyman

    published June 14, 2001

    So, who's the DJ?" asks the tourist, her hands juggling two lit cigarettes, a green drink, and a disposable camera. She hands one cigarette to her... More >>

  • DJ Gal

    published May 31, 2001

    Three records spin simultaneously. Promoters, friends, and unfamiliar faces clamor for attention. Below the DJ booth, a hungry crowd of hundreds... More >>

  • DJ Johnny Vicious and DJ Tall Paul

    published May 24, 2001

    Club Nation America, the latest compilation from Ultra Records, combines the talents of superstar DJs Johnny Vicious of NYC and the United... More >>

  • Acosta Nation

    published May 3, 2001

    With his dual Ultra Records releases AM and PM, Miami native and Shadow Lounge resident DJ George Acosta has submitted an impressive... More >>

  • The House That Junior Built

    published March 29, 2001

    Level. 12:01 a.m. After night falls Junior Vasquez rises. His shaved head surfaces like a planet orbiting the turntables twenty feet above... More >>

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