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1995 Stories by Kathy Glasgow

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  • The Kingmaker

    published December 21, 1995

    Herman Echevarria wasn't running for anything, but he was campaigning as he never had before. Seated at a long table that took up most of a sound... More >>

  • The Lady Is a Champ

    published November 23, 1995

    Next month, the January 1996 issue of Ladies' Home Journal hits the supermarket checkout displays, and Miami's own Isabel Cabell has never looked... More >>

  • Breach of Faith

    published November 16, 1995

    Every weekday evening just before six o'clock, Emilio Milian, Jr., slowly sits down in front of a microphone in the studio of WWFE-AM (670). His... More >>

  • Raindrops Keep Falling on Her Head

    published November 2, 1995

    This past summer, Dade County Court Judge Victoria Sigler won the Singing Judges Contest at the South Miami-Kendall Bar Association's annual... More >>

  • Count the People Who Count

    published October 19, 1995

    The Heftel Broadcasting Corporation's acquisition last year of four of Miami's most popular Spanish-language radio stations -- including two of... More >>

  • Finally, a Solution to the South Beach Parking Problem!

    published October 19, 1995

    Victor Van Gilst isn't a tourist in this town, but he knows a lot about what it's like to be one: As a free-lance tour guide, he makes his living... More >>

  • Going South

    published October 12, 1995

    Going south on U.S. 1 near SW 220th Street, off to the right in a grassy clearing down a scarcely paved road from the Disco South Inn and a... More >>

  • Before Duran and After

    published October 5, 1995

    The press conference at Victor's Cafe had been convened to introduce Jorge Luis Gonzalez to Miami. The heavyweight amateur boxing champ from Cuba... More >>

  • What About Those Stinking Badges?

    published September 21, 1995

    A menacing presence stalks the streets of Hialeah. Though you may never notice (that's part of the insidious plan), the threat is real.... More >>

  • Sacked

    published September 14, 1995

    During the past three years, homelessness in Dade County has become a high-profile issue, with some of South Florida's most powerful business and... More >>

  • Watts the Matter?

    published August 31, 1995

    For more than a year now, the proprietors of Coconut Grove's Cafe Europa have been receiving pleading, cajoling, and downright threatening letters... More >>

  • No Room at the Inn

    published August 25, 1995

    As Hurricane Erin was moving slowly toward Miami on Tuesday, August 1, two buses and a van were making the rounds of Dade County's hurricane... More >>

  • Bodies and Souls

    published August 17, 1995

    They call this block the Slab. Along the eroded sidewalks of North Miami Avenue between Eleventh and Twelfth streets, people are sitting on... More >>

  • Monkey See, Monkey Do, Monkey Sue

    published August 10, 1995

    She is an ordinary three-pound monkey, a brown Java macaque (also known as a crab-eating macaque), languishing in a cage at a veterinary... More >>

  • The King Was Shot but Survived

    published August 3, 1995

    Five years ago, just before a grand jury indicted Hialeah Mayor Raul Martinez on eight federal corruption charges, the charismatic politician... More >>

  • Seeing Things

    published July 20, 1995

    Fernando Lamigueiro, Jr., and another kid were strolling through bird Drive Park looking for trouble. A gangly sixteen-year-old with coal-black... More >>

  • Barring Inquiry

    published July 13, 1995

    Lawrence Wigdor's beef with his Enchanted Lake neighbors puts a new spin on "Not in My Back Yard" -- a literal one. The retired real estate broker... More >>

  • Lock a Block

    published July 6, 1995

    During the past five years, Miami animal dealer Matthew Block has been hailed as a hero and excoriated as a villain; he has played the role of... More >>

  • Don't Give Him That Old-time Religion

    published June 15, 1995

    Franklin Jacobs's Southern-accented voice grows pained when he discusses Lucious C. Conway. "We love Lucious and pray for him, and we can... More >>

  • Carmen (Among Others) vs. Carmen (Among Others)

    published June 1, 1995

    Omar Corzo admits the allegations in his federal civil rights lawsuit are incredible, even by Hialeah standards. He and his wife Carmen, residents... More >>

  • Field of Teens

    published May 4, 1995

    B.B. was fourteen and Tito nineteen when they were shot on the road west of the Bargain Town flea market just outside Homestead. The youths were... More >>

  • Wipeout! Part 2

    published May 4, 1995

    Surfside police officers who say they were told to downplay criminal activity in the seaside town appear to be backed up by at least two... More >>

  • Wipeout!

    published April 27, 1995

    A group of Surfside police officers say they have been ordered to alter police reports, destroy evidence, downplay violent incidents, and, in some... More >>

  • One Million for You Group, One Million for My Group

    published April 13, 1995

    When the City of Miami's Housing Opportunities for People With AIDS (HOPWA) advisory board designated the recipients of millions of dollars in... More >>

  • Sick Figures

    published March 30, 1995

    The League Against AIDS is in such financial disrepair that last weekend most of its eighteen employees were dispatched to the streets of Little... More >>

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