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1994 Stories by Kathy Glasgow

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  • Roxanne, Sexually assaulted and beaten. Busted hundreds of times and chased off Biscayne Boulevard by cops and neighborhood activists. There's nothing glamorous about this working girl's life.

    published December 22, 1994

    In some segments of Dade County society, Roxanne Falco is a famous person. Stories are told about her, news of her whereabouts exchanged. But the... More >>

  • Labor of Gloves

    published October 5, 1994

    The day before Johnny Torres won the Florida state junior-welterweight boxing championship, he went to work as usual in a lime grove outside... More >>

  • Hook, Line, and Sucker

    published September 21, 1994

    It was a hot Friday night on Biscayne Boulevard, and they were out under a full moon: the hunters and the game. Here at 73rd Street, across from... More >>

  • Bring Us Your Tired, Your Poor, Your Homeless

    published August 16, 1994

    This past July, during a special Miami City Commission meeting to consider construction of Dade County's largest homeless shelter, city leaders... More >>

  • Bold MacDonald

    published July 26, 1994

    Donna MacDonald's first day as executive director of the Miami Coalition for the Homeless was a harbinger of events to come. She assumed the post... More >>

  • Poor Relations

    published July 13, 1994

    The eighth item on the agenda at this past month's meeting of the Metro-Dade Community Relations Board regarded the touchy subject of business... More >>

  • The Mysterious Mexican Gorilla Caper

    published June 15, 1994

    Two U.S. Customs agents hidden in a trailer office at the Opa-locka Airport captured the scene on blurry black-and-white videotape. The old DC-3... More >>

  • Barbed War

    published June 15, 1994

    Lazaro Albo provides a pointed new meaning to the old term "rugged individualist." For more than a year now the 62-year-old businessman and close... More >>

  • This Old House Sitter

    published May 25, 1994

    Chris Drennan was getting some bad energy from back home in the Sunshine State. Having temporarily relocated to Chicago to care for her dying... More >>

  • No Peace for Paula

    published May 4, 1994

    Rosaries dangling from their hands, a clutch of women stands on the sidewalk that circles Ermita de la Caridad church. Daylight is fading on a... More >>

  • He Said, She Said

    published April 13, 1994

    On January 24, when Martha Ayerdis filed a discrimination grievance with the Dade County Affirmative Action office, she officially entered the... More >>

  • Mad Dog Bites No More

    published March 16, 1994

    Michael H. Metzger, the controversial California defense lawyer who mounted a nationwide campaign to discredit the U.S. Attorney's Office in... More >>

  • Matter of Faction

    published February 9, 1994

    Two months ago the Northeast Task Force, a 35-member advisory board whose mission is to revitalize Miami's northeast neighborhoods, was wracked... More >>

  • Power to the Parish

    published January 26, 1994

    On this Monday evening at Buena Vista Elementary School, the only public school in Wynwood, the wind outside the open auditorium doors is... More >>

  • Brother, Can You Spare a One-Dollar County-Issued Food Voucher?

    published January 12, 1994

    At lunchtime most weekdays, Alan Greer walks the few blocks from his law office near the downtown courthouses to the Miami Club or the Bankers... More >>

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