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1993 Stories by Kathy Glasgow

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  • Where the Girls Are

    published December 22, 1993

    Tracy's pink plastic mirror is one of those trinkets you buy at Woolworth's; one swiveling face reflects normally, the other magnifies. Mounted... More >>

  • Mr. Bailey's Neighborhood: Part 2

    published December 15, 1993

    The Dade State Attorney's Office confirmed late last week it will join the City of Miami in investigating allegations against Assistant City... More >>

  • Mr. Bailey's Neighborhood

    published December 8, 1993

    In October 1991, the Miami City Commission handed out a half-million dollars and started a small war. The fight erupted over how to improve a few... More >>

  • Shelter Fallout

    published November 3, 1993

    It was all in honor of Dan Quayle, back in February 1991, when he was still vice president. Drivers down Biscayne Boulevard slowed to an irritated... More >>

  • Unreal Estate

    published October 27, 1993

    A mean little piece of land along the Miami River gained brief notoriety last month as the site of the so-called pizza murder. A... More >>

  • Soup and Salvation

    published September 22, 1993

    Punching out an arrhythmic battery of beeps on his horn, Lu Castillo swings the well-worn white van off Biscayne Boulevard and into a paved... More >>

  • Citizen Cane

    published September 22, 1993

    More than ever in these waning days of Fidel Castro, the air between Miami and Cuba is electric with intrigue, upheaval, and the schemes of... More >>

  • Man of Letters

    published September 15, 1993

    A letter arrives in the mail, addressed to you, from something called the American AIDS Alert Association (AAAA). "Ref: Possible HIV... More >>

  • Beyond the Call of Duty

    published August 18, 1993

    Georgina Otero Lee drives a big green van for a living. She transports handicapped people around Dade County. Lately Lee has been driving with a... More >>

  • Jail Bait

    published August 11, 1993

    About a dozen Metro-Dade Department of Corrections officers, most in their uniforms of forest green pants and light green shirts, were bunched... More >>

  • Vagabond Cove

    published July 28, 1993

    Several months ago, the architectural highlight of the homeless encampment on Watson Island was a room with a porch, constructed four feet off the... More >>

  • From Moscow to Miami

    published July 14, 1993

    The six little wood-framed paintings, modestly Impressionist in style, depict a street scene, a shady lakeside park, historical monuments. They... More >>

  • It's the Booze Talking

    published June 23, 1993

    Sean was one of those people who never drank in public but who was always drunk. Without too much trouble, she was managing to put down a... More >>

  • Birds Do It, Bees Do it

    published June 16, 1993

    It was one of those little things that mean a lot. A postcard from a distant country. "Thinking of you!" it read. "See you soon!" When... More >>

  • The Cuban Connection

    published June 9, 1993

    As the United States trade embargo against Cuba has dragged on over the past 30 years, a simple phone call to the island has become a... More >>

  • The Lure of the Ring

    published May 26, 1993

    The kid is a giant heavyweight: 6' 8", 270 pounds. He just moved down from North Carolina. Can he fight? Well, sure he knows how to fight, he... More >>

  • Gorilla Warfare: Part 2

    published April 28, 1993

    On April 15 and 16, Matthew Block sat almost invisible at the burnished mahogany defense table in U.S. District Judge James W. Kehoe's dim... More >>

  • Move over, Morris

    published April 21, 1993

    You see him on South Beach, svelte and silent, loping past the News Cafe, Mango's, the Clevelander. Turning heads. Drawing hungry hands that want... More >>

  • Gorilla Warfare

    published April 7, 1993

    The big jet from Frankfurt, Germany, dropped gently through vaporous clouds to the runway at Miami International Airport, and Kurt Schafer's heart... More >>

  • Sudden Impact: Part 2

    published April 7, 1993

    People still ask me about my car, the little red Sentra that was totaled as it sat parked outside my apartment in the rain one early morning... More >>

  • Call While You Can

    published March 3, 1993

    It's your mother, her careworn Iberian face framed in graying hair, smiling delightedly and holding a telephone receiver to her ear. The past... More >>

  • A Sea of Trouble

    published February 24, 1993

    Don Francisco had promised his television audience a once-in-a-lifetime story of love and adventure during this July 1991 taping of his show,... More >>

  • Home Is Where You Build It

    published February 10, 1993

    Morning on Watson Island. Commuters cruise along the MacArthur Causeway, just across the Intracoastal from downtown Miami. The turquoise... More >>

  • Sudden Impact

    published January 20, 1993

    The bang of the crash didn't wake me, but the piercing, high-pitched whir of a revving engine roused me to semiconsciousness. Three o'clock in the... More >>

  • Wright Reborn

    published January 13, 1993

    Betty Wright is talking about being born again when she's interrupted by the beeping of her phone, a high-heeled pink pump with pushbuttons. On... More >>

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