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  • Fire in the New Year

    published December 25, 2014

    We have only a few short days left before we say goodbye to 2014. It was a trying year for many of us, but it wasn’t without special moments... More >>

  • Defense is the Best Offense

    published December 18, 2014

    We all know the entertainment industry is controlled by the Illuminati, but the problem with a secret society is, well, it’s secrecy. What... More >>

  • Beach-Bod-Beat Bonanza

    published November 27, 2014

    South Beach has a long-standing tradition of bringing great dance music to life. It also has decades of experience getting gay dudes all hot and... More >>

  • The Essential Miami Experience

    published October 30, 2014

    If you live in Miami but haven’t been to Santa’s Enchanted Forest (7900 Bird Rd., Miami), have you really even lived?... More >>

  • Unleash the Beasts

    published October 16, 2014

    Zoo Miami is not quite like other zoos. These are some party animals, and Halloween season is no different. They’re calling all witches,... More >>

  • A Cancer-Free Phi-LOL-sophy

    published October 9, 2014

    Cancer sucks, and laughter is the best medicine. The self-billed “breast show you’ll see all year” is set to combine the fight... More >>

  • Welcome to the Jungle

    published October 2, 2014

    Ever get the feeling you’re haunted by Aztecs? No? Do you want to know what that feels like? Of course you do, and Jungle Island (1111... More >>

  • Grin and Beer It

    published September 18, 2014

    Mondays suck. You better get your laughs, beers, and friendly hangs in Sunday while you still can. Luckily, Shirley’s at Gramps Bar (176 NW... More >>

  • Back and Bolder Than Ever

    published September 11, 2014

    If there’s one thing Brazilians know how to do, it’s party, but you don’t have to be Brazilian to party like one when TSL Lounge... More >>

  • Karat Crazy

    published September 4, 2014

    What do Trinidad James, Gold Member, and Hyde Beach have in common? Yes, they all love gold, and come Sunday, the swankiest, sexiest party place... More >>

  • Roll Through

    published September 4, 2014

    Are you a strong, independent, and confident woman? Do you think being feminine doesn’t mean being dainty all the time? Is Drew... More >>

  • Good To The Last Drop

    published September 4, 2014

    Raves are sweaty, sticky situations. All of that jumping and dancing leads to a serious hot mess. It would be awesome if you could jump into a... More >>

  • Kat Bein

    A Five-Part Guide to Vogue and Ballroom Culture

    published August 28, 2014

    In post-internet society, things don't stay hidden for long. But there's a subculture with more than three decades of relevance that has... More >>

  • Queers and Beers

    published August 28, 2014

    Do you hear that growl of ecstasy? It’s the call of the wild, and it’s coming from the furriest of Friday weeklies at the Gaythering... More >>

  • Kat Bein

    Miami Artist Marilyn Rondon Turns a Salacious Craigslist Proposal Into Modern Art

    published August 21, 2014

    When was the last time you checked your local Craigslist personals? The sad messages, often written in broken English, present a bleak, pervy... More >>

  • Working Hard, Or Hard Workin'?

    published August 21, 2014

    Things are about to get mad turnt at the museum. Pérez Art Museum Miami (1103 Biscayne Blvd., Miami) regularly welcomes cutting-edge... More >>

  • Disconnect to Connect

    published August 14, 2014

    The post-internet age has coined a lot of weird lingo. It’s affected every aspect of our lives. Nothing could be so pervasive without also... More >>

  • Musica Caliente

    published July 31, 2014

    In Miami, there’s no lack of reverence for Latin influence on the American music scene. We gave the world Gloria Estefan, bro — what... More >>

  • Kat Bein

    Mad Decent Block Party at Revolution Live July 26

    published July 24, 2014

    The life of a big-time dance-music producer seems easy enough. You travel the world, hang out with your buddies, meet adoring fans, and make... More >>

  • Creating For A Better Future

    published July 17, 2014

    Overtown is one of Miami’s greatest treasures and one of the most important historical sites in the region, but it doesn’t always get... More >>

  • We Are Family

    published July 17, 2014

    This year’s annual Pride weekend has come and gone, but this is Miami, and we’re always ready to celebrate our gay community. Welcome... More >>

  • The Kids Are Alright

    published July 10, 2014

    Who’s that poppin’ champagne, hanging with sexy ladies, and celebrating life in paradise? Who’s making those island jams with a... More >>

  • Kat Bein

    Katy Perry's Prismatic Tour at AmericanAirlines Arena July 3

    published July 3, 2014

    Who would have known Katy Perry and Juicy J would make such a great pair? By now we're all too familiar with their... More >>

  • Far East Movement

    published June 26, 2014

    The hottest trend in pop music is a serious case of East meets West. South Korean pop groups are taking over, and if you’re into... More >>

  • Kat Bein

    Eats Everything Discusses EDM, Fatherhood, and the Value of "Never Planning Anything"

    published June 19, 2014

    When we were kids, our dads made us listen to a lot of classic rock and heavy metal. Of course, electronic producer Eats Everything of... More >>

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