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  • 2007 - Better Weekly Newspaper Awards/Florida Press Association, published January 19, 2006

    "A Fish Farmer's Tale"

  • 2007 - Better Weekly Newspaper Awards/Florida Press Association, published March 16, 2006

    "Koi Crazy"

2006 Stories by Josh Schonwald

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  • These Could Be Yours

    published August 31, 2006

    Breasts. Boobs. Tits. Heaving cleavage. Plunging décolletage. If you think there might be more of this in Miami-Dade than any other place,... More >>

  • Shoe Magic

    published August 31, 2006

    The Shoemaster, a wiry man with a shaved head, white T-shirt, and black leather loafers, holds what looks like the innards of a broken slipper.... More >>

  • Metal Magic

    published August 17, 2006

    It isn't the rabbit living in his bathroom, the videotape he sent to Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee, the three shots of Jägermeister he had as... More >>

  • Weed Warriors

    published August 17, 2006

    Last summer, Miami-Dade Police Sgt. Mauricio "Mo" Smith, a veteran of the cocaine cowboy Eighties and an expert on heroin, was shocked to discover... More >>

  • Fun Bus to the Keys

    published June 22, 2006

    Two weeks ago Eric Lesch, a connoisseur of extremely cheap travel, pointed across the parking lot of the Publix store on Marathon Key toward his... More >>

  • Lord of the Flies

    published June 1, 2006

    Thursday, April 21, 2006, appeared to be the last day of the Reign of Ratner. It began ordinarily enough and without great expectations. At 9:15... More >>

  • Grandmasters in Guayaberas

    published May 4, 2006

    Miami Dade College and Harvard University do not often compete. But last December, four local men sat across a table from four Cambridge men. They... More >>

  • Palm of His Hand

    published April 6, 2006

    He has a Carpenteria, an old man, and some pretty nice solitaires, but this is Florida — there's nothing in Scott Zona's South Miami... More >>

  • On a Rolle

    published March 30, 2006

    Seven days before Federer, Sharapova, and company rolled into town for the NASDAQ-100 Open, twenty-year-old tennis prodigy Ahsha Rolle walked... More >>

  • Koi Crazy

    published March 16, 2006

    Rumors of the $10,000 fish began trickling in this past December. The idea that people would pay as much for a single fish as they would for a... More >>

  • Welcome to HollyDade

    published February 23, 2006

    Joey "Hollywood" Giordano had a breakthrough year in 2005. The 40-year-old Kendall native did some casting work for network television, scouted... More >>

  • A Poverty of Yachts

    published February 23, 2006

    If you're not the manager of a multibillion-dollar hedge fund, you might naively assume the Man of Steel is a big deal. After all, it's a... More >>

  • The First Bust of 2006

    published January 26, 2006

    The Miami-Dade Police Department is thrilled to announce the first accused felon of 2006 is a chubby-cheeked, five-foot six-inch 23-year-old from... More >>

  • Crowding the Cycads

    published January 26, 2006

    Combining exotic glass with exotic plant life is, apparently, like mixing peanut butter with chocolate or rock with rap. People dig it. When... More >>

  • A Fish Farmer's Tale

    published January 19, 2006

    For the past 30 years Dan Benetti has been on an obsessive quest that has taken him to the farthest corners of the Atlantic and Pacific oceans.... More >>

  • Squirrels Gone Wild

    published January 5, 2006

    Eric Onassis, salsa dancer turned stage producer, adamantly refuses to talk about his upcoming shows, his Miami Lakes and Palm Beach homes, or any... More >>

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