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  • Q&A with Crookers

    published Nov 06, 2008

    Hailing all the way from Milan, Bot and Phra, who together make up the DJ duo Crookers, prove that globalization, at least when it comes to music, isn't such a bad thing. Arguably, its been the Inte... More >>

  • Miami Loses

    published November 6, 2008

    Barack Obama cranked on Tuesday, so we're cranked. And he took Florida too. Wow! It's history, baby! But then we looked more... More >>

  • Miami Loses

    published October 30, 2008

    Barack Obama cranked on Tuesday, so we're cranked. And he took Florida too. Wowsa! It's history, baby! But then we looked more... More >>

  • On the List - Election Day Edition

    published Nov 04, 2008

    ZOMG, ya'll! It's Tuesday, so what the hell is On the List doing up so early in the week? Well, in case you didn't know, today is Election Day, and whether your candidate of choice wins or loses, th... More >>

  • Last Night: Iron Fork at Miami Science Museum

    published Oct 31, 2008

    Justin Namon Last night's Iron Fork event was a sold out affair that pack the Miami Science Museum. There was plenty of food and drinks to go around, plus we got to feel like we were 10 again walkin... More >>

  • On the List - Halloween with Chromeo, Lady Gaga and Otto Von Schirach

    published Oct 30, 2008

    Boo ya'll! It's Halloween. Time of year when girls dress like total sluts by wearing lingerie and some kind of animal ears. "Look at me! I'm a sexy mouse." Sure you are. While we appreciate a bit of... More >>

  • Kiki is Totally Paris' BFF

    published Oct 29, 2008

    ZOMG you guys! Kiki, the Miami contestant on Paris Hilton's My New BFF, is totally kicking ass on the show, y'all. And her quasi Paris-obsessive ways might take her all the way to the end. So on la... More >>

  • Last Night: Gloria Estefan at Seminole Hard Rock

    published Oct 26, 2008

    Gloria Estefan Friday, October 24, 2008 Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino, Hollywood Better Than: The Santiago de Cuba Carnival Who can pack a crowd of Gringos and Latinos equally in one South Flo... More >>

  • M.A.N.D.Y. at Circa 28 on Saturday

    published Oct 24, 2008

    M.A.N.D.Y. bringing ze German electro-house to Circa 28. We are skipping are usual weekend On the List party planner, because everything this weekend is sort of, eh, not so interesting. Maybe everyo... More >>

  • Booze Hound - BYOBooze

    published Oct 24, 2008

    I know it’s been awhile since you BYOBed -– like in high school, back when you used to sneak-sip Special Brews on some public beach on Key Biscayne while discussing the ever-important topic of w... More >>

  • Q&A with DJ Behrouz

    published Oct 24, 2008

    DJ Behrouz, the San Francisco native and now Miami Beach transplant, will be spinning live tomorrow night at Mansion to celebrate the release party of his two-disc mix CD Pure Behrouz. We sat down t... More >>

  • Chromeo Bringing Their Fancy Footwork to Heathrow October 31

    published Oct 23, 2008

    It's Chrome-o-o-o-o-oh! Oh Chromeo. We remember seeing you play at Circa 28 during Winter Music Conference 2007. Back then, you had released your debut album She's In Control, which was filled with ... More >>

  • Pitbull Wants Us to Go "Krazy"

    published Oct 23, 2008

    Hey Pitbull, we sincerely hope you read this post. Not because we want to bash you. In fact, you sort of like you. When you commanded us to shake our "culo" we gladly obliged, and when you teamed up... More >>

  • Winter Music Conference Dates Announced

    published Oct 22, 2008

    Everyone rejoice! The loud continuous thump of the bass all over Miami is only a few months away. Yes, every March the dance music community congregates in Miami for Winter Music Conference, bringin... More >>

  • Q&A with Treasure Fingers

    published Oct 21, 2008

    Treasure Fingers: the man with the magic fingers. Tonight, Fool's Gold Records invades White Room to celebrate the release of its two-disc Scion A/V compilation Fool's Gold Remixed. Last time the Fo... More >>

  • DJ Z-Trip at Habitat Skateboard Demo

    published Oct 20, 2008

    Tiffany Rainey MIA Skatepark's Matt Cantor quizzing some kids on their multiplication tables (seriously). DJ Z-Trip at the Habitat Skateboard Demo Saturday, October 8, 2008 MIA Skatepark, Doral Bet... More >>

  • Last Night: Meat Loaf at Pompano Beach Amphitheatre

    published Oct 19, 2008

    Sayre Berman Meat Loaf and the Neverland Express rocked the Pompano Beach Amphitheatre Saturday night. Click here to view the full slideshow. Meat Loaf Saturday, October 18, 2008 Pompano Beach Amphi... More >>

  • Photos: Miguel Migs at Set

    published Oct 18, 2008

    Tony Vargas Our cameras stopped by Set last night to scope out the scene. What did we find? Plenty of beautiful people there to catch San Francisco DJ Miguel Migs. Click here to view the full slides... More >>

  • Last Night: Talib Kweli, David Banner, and B.O.B. at Revolution

    published Oct 17, 2008

    Dwayne Nelson The Hip-Hop Live Tour Featuring: B.O.B., David Banner, Talib Kweli Thursday, October 16, 2008 Revolution, Fort Lauderdale Better than: MP3s, CD's and DAT Machines Last night's hip-ho... More >>

  • Reminder: New Times Iron Fork at Miami Science Museum -- Take Two

    published Oct 17, 2008

    So Ike never came but still managed to rain on our parade forcing us to push back our Iron Fork event. Finally, with no hurricane in sight, Iron Fork comes to the Miami Science Museum October 30. Fi... More >>

  • On the List - Rory Phillips, Miguel Migs, Arthur Baker, Sander Kleinenberg and Fool's Gold

    published Oct 17, 2008

    We feel it. It's going to to be one of those weekends -- you know, the ones where you see the sunrise every night. Why? Because there is so much to do this weekend that we had a hard time condensing... More >>

  • Crookers Coming to Heathrow November 8

    published Oct 16, 2008

    All the way from Italy comes the Crookers, a DJ duo who basically put its nation on the electro-house map. For a country who loves its traditional house, it's refreshing to see someone actually brea... More >>

  • Q&A with Yelle

    published Oct 15, 2008

    Justin Namon GrandMarnier, Julie Budet (a.k.a. Yelle) and Tepr. When French electro-pop trio Yelle's C'est La Amerique tour stopped at the Magic City last Friday, we decided it was a good opportunit... More >>

  • Uffie Is On Steroids

    published Oct 15, 2008

    Ah, Uffie, the Ed Banger artist who claims she is from Miami originally but whose story doesn't exactly add up. What we know is true is that Uffie at one point attended Nova High School in Davie, bu... More >>

  • Ultra Music Festival Tickets Go On Sale This Month

    published Oct 14, 2008

    Ugh, we can't believe it's coming already. Our bodies were just starting to recover from the havoc known as Winter Music Conference. But lo and behold! Ultra Music Festival organizers have announced... More >>

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