• @jose_d_duran
    30 November, 2015

    @ariellec Also, this song always made me very uncomfortable. https://t.co/RNRktqeRkx

  • @jose_d_duran
    30 November, 2015

    @ariellec Lulz! Yes, blame Pharrell.

  • @jose_d_duran
    25 November, 2015

    In an UberPOOL with a drunk British tourist. He's pretty entertaining.

  • @jose_d_duran
    24 November, 2015

    Vicks Vaporub is my scent of choice.

  • @jose_d_duran
    13 November, 2015

    This world... sigh.


Jose D. Duran

Jose D. Duran

Jose D. Duran is the web editor of Miami New Times since 2008. He's the voice and strategist behind the publication's eyebrow-raising Facebook and Twitter feeds. He has been reporting on Miami's music, entertainment, and cultural scenes since 2006, previously through sites like MiamiNights.com and OnBeat.com. He earned his B.S. in journalism with a minor in art history from the University of Florida. As a South Florida native, he vows to eternally be a Miami resident as long as climate change permits.

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