• @jose_d_duran
    27 July, 2015

    why am i still working at this hour?

  • @jose_d_duran
    23 July, 2015

    @ariellec You got an Elvira in Scarface look going on. I like it!

  • @jose_d_duran
    22 July, 2015

    @KatSaysKill @MiamiNewTimes You and everyone else. I wanted to write that one but @Ryan_Pfefferoni was like "Kat got it." Whatever.

  • @jose_d_duran
    20 July, 2015

    With Gawker basically at a standstill, I now have nothing to read during my breaks throughout the day :/

  • @jose_d_duran
    17 July, 2015

    if you are going to have a miami bass party, how about booking some miami-based acts? just a suggestion.


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