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  • 25 years ago

    The first time the Burning Flames performed in Miami, in March of 1990 at, naturally enough, the Cameo Theatre, they played for six hours. Wouldn't stop. Each time the lilting, synthesized strains of "Workey Workey" sprung out of that soca-funk ja...

  • 26 years ago

    Several times each week, Koleksyon Kazak gathers at the North Miami home of group leader Jean Sebon for rehearsal. People drift in and pick up instruments from a huge pile of congas, small drums, rattles, a big bamboo tube called a vaksin, an arra...

  • 26 years ago

    Seems like lately the only rhythm coming out of the Cameo Theatre, once home to music from around the globe, is the boom-boom-boom of Disco Inferno. This week that changes as the Cameo again pulses with world beats, courtesy of the Rhythm Foundati...

  • 26 years ago

    In the super-hyped world of pop music, especially Latin pop music, Juan Luis Guerra is something of an anomaly. Yes, he's currently the biggest attraction in the Latin music world. But he got there with his integrity and artistry intact. As a lyri...

  • 26 years ago

    Walk into tiny JJ's Bar on a Friday night and you vibrate. Drummers and singers are filling the air with a driving beat that shakes the narrow room. The joint is crowded with Cubans, a mix of musicians, poets, actors, writers, lawyers, artists, an...


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